Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As a woman I have found that "over analyzing" is something I am really good at... about almost everything. Trust me, my husband would agree. However, I think sometimes we can over analyze the wrongs things & forget it's best just to keep it simple. Maybe that's why there are thousands of different types of diets & exercise programs made just for women? You don't need a fancy gym membership or the next best equipment. You simply need you, a determined attitude, & approx. 45 minutes. We women can make things so complicated, myself included!

KISS: Keep It Simple Sister! 
(I know, I made up my own!)

Yesterday's workout was a cross training day filled with simple things like:
Jumping Jacks, Jump ropes, Burpees, Lunges, Push-ups, Planks, & Abs.
What I love about this is that I simply did it in the living room floor while my son was finishing his dinner. I didn't need any special equipment or any top ranked trainer to do it. Simply stuck to the basics. Guess what, you can do this too! Don't make working out harder than it is... Because believe me it was hard enough!

This also brought my attention to another topic as I was running this morning. I finished the book Heaven is for Real yesterday. It is about a little boy who experienced heaven at the age of 4. His simplicity in this book amazes me. How many times do we complicate what being a Christian means? It is simply through Jesus Christ that we are saved... not by anything we do or come up with. I am always humbled by this when I am reminded. He kept telling his daddy that Jesus wanted him to know He loves the children. How awesome is that?!

I hope you are inspired today to keep it simple!

Today's Tip: Find 4-5 key exercises & put them together to make a circuit & repeat it 2-3 times(don't forget to stretch). Push your coffee table out of the way & get after it! You will be so glad you did!

Yesterday's workout: Click here.

Keep it simple sister! (KISS)

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