Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to get out of a "funk"


So how do we really get out of a "funk"?

I have to admit that I, too, get in what you could call a funk. I think almost everyone could tell you that they have those days when they lack motivation & then it trickles into the rest of their week. This morning I was suppose to get up early AM & go swim with Crissy. I was pumped about getting a good cardio swim in this week, however, my sweet little boy is cutting some major teeth. He ran a fever all last night & some today. This momma is exhausted. Yesterday I missed my run & today I missed swimming. I am planning now to run this evening before my day gets away from me. If I don't get moving soon I am afraid this "funk" is going to carry into the rest of my week.... I sure don't want to make this a habit. 

What's the cure for this funk? Motivation. The quote above says it perfectly. Motivation is the first step & making it a habit is what keeps you from allowing these "funks" if you wish, to keep you from your goals. 

How do I get motivated? There are a few things I do to stay or to get motivated. Call them cheesy if you wish but they work!

1. Music. I have a playlist with my favorite songs on there & when I need a good pick me up I will turn off everything else & turn up the music! 

2. Make a to-do list. Maybe you just don't know where to start. I feel like this often. Making a to-do list will help you prioritize & give you no excuse to get moving. Plan your day or whatever is left of your day.

3. Re-writing your goals! Go find that piece of paper that you wrote your goals down on 30 days ago. Reflect on where you are at in your progress, re-write them, & post them where you can see them! It's never too late! I promise!

4. Find someone that will lift you up. Call/text/email/fb message them & ask for encouragement. Everyone needs it at some point or another so don't be afraid to ask for some! I know when I get down I always text my husband... he always has something positive to point out to me!

5. Most importantly, open God's word. Most bibles have a place in the back where you can look for passages on certain topics. Find a word that represents what you are looking for & ask God to reveal himself to you. He is our ultimate encourager & I promise without a doubt this works. 

6. Play with my son. He watches everything I do & when I stop to realize how much he needs me... that motivates me.

7. Find a picture of your "old self" & put it on your fridge or bathroom mirror! Get it out to where you can see it so that you are reminded that is ONLY the old you & not the NEW you! :)
These are just ways that help me get motivated to get moving throughout my day & it doesn't mean they work for everyone. Trial & error is the best way to know what works best for you! Once you are aware of what really gets you motivated you can catch yourself before you get into that "funk" & make staying active a HABIT!

Today's Tip: Feel like you are just way to busy to get your full workout in today? How many of us spend at least an hour a day on facebook? Here is how you can do both! I thought this was funny and useful! Click here to read the full article on the Facebook Diet!

Don't fall into a funk this week! Stay motivated!

Cooking Challenge Recap!

I have so enjoyed all the recipes that have been shared this week! I cannot wait to get home & add them to my recipe book! Thank you for sharing! 

Here are the recipes!

Pat Crume:

Black Rice & Edamame

Click here for full recipe.

Ashley Beeman:

Stuffed Bell Peppers:

I like to use red bell peppers and ground chicken sausage. I ground up the chicken sausage
 add in a can of diced tomatoes. Cut the tops off of the bell peppers stuff with the chicken mixture and add a little bit of shredded cheese to the top. I bake at 375 for 20 min.

Brooke Bright:

Healthified Chicken Tortilla Casserole

Click here for full recipe.

Jill Conyers:


Southwest Salad

Click here for full recipe.

Thanks again for sharing! I am thinking you all must have known we love Mexican food in our house? :) These will be great!

Give-A-Way: I will be sending you ALL a Shakeology Shaker Cup w/2 Shakes! If I don't have your address please email me so that I can get it to you!

If you have a healthy recipe you would like to share go to Sarah's Beachbody Support Group on facebook & post your recipe!

80% of weight loss is what you eat!!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

To diet or not to diet?


Can I get an AMEN?!

This is so true! So many people ask me which diet is the best & honestly... none of them. That is my true opinion. When you cut out something in your diet you are usually lacking in something healthy too. There are diets which you could call "fad diets" which come & go but I am here to tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 

Instead of dieting decide to make a lifestyle change in your diet. The theme of my blog revolves around this concept... I don't believe in complete deprivation... Trust me, I satisfy my cravings too... just in moderation. If we are so strict that we can't enjoy life then it's like the picture says, it's just plain boring. The main thing is to consistently take care of your body. A diet can be just as harmful sometimes as no diet at all. What happens to your body when you stop the diet? Do you go back to your old habits & repeat the process all over again? What a rollercoaster ride!

So, how do you go from doing the newest diet to making a lifelong change? Here are a few tips that can help you!

1. Write down your goals every month & SHARE them. 
2. Make it a family thing... do it together!! 
3. Don't deprive yourself. Shoot for the 80/20 rule. (80 % eat clean - 20% eat what you want! Highlight your calendar to keep track)
4. Make some form of exercise a daily habit. 
5. Weigh yourself once a week. Keeping track is important but no need to obsess.
6. Instead of eliminating certain foods all together try finding a healthy alternative. Keep your plate colorful.
7. Wait 20 minutes after eating before going for seconds. 
8. ALWAYS eat breakfast. Read why you should eat breakfast here.
9. Plan your meals & workouts as much as you can... this will keep from making last minute decisions you wish you wouldn't have made!
10. Sleep. Getting enough sleep is so important & will allow you to stay on task throughout your day!
11. Get a yearly physical. If you haven't done this please do. It's important for your health & to know if your body is lacking in something.
12. To lose 1 pound a week all you need is a 500 calorie deficit each day. This means either eat 500 less calories or burn 500 calories/day. One pound per week might seem like a slow process but it's a healthy one. 
13. Doing a healthy cleanse will give you the jump start you need to make a lifestyle change. You are what you eat. This will help you in more ways than one! 
(let me know if you want more info on cleansing)

These are just a few tips I put together for you. I hope that they will help you keep you learn what it means to make a lifestyle change instead of going after the latest diet. I don't even like to use such word! :) 

One more thing I wanted to mention is to just relax.... don't be so hard on yourself. Things don't happen over night. I am sure your weight didn't come on over night & it won't come off over night either. You are beautiful the way you are, I know it! Instead of stressing about your weight just keep focused on making those lifestyle changes daily... one step at a time. You can do it! I believe in you!

Lifechangeher: Inspiring you to make physical, spiritual, & healthy choices a habit.

"Do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable" - Jim Rohn 

Make a change in your life today! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shakeology 3-day Cleanse Testimonials:

3-Day Cleanse Testimonials!

Today I wanted to share with you 2 recent success stories from two of my sweet friends that have done the 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse :) If you would like to do the cleanse please get in contact with me through email: I will post details at the bottom of today's post. 

Way to go ladies!

"My experience on the 3-day cleanse was great! I felt energized & full! The chocolate shake is so yummy & nothing like any other meal replacement shake I have ever had! Losing 3 pounds in 3 days was just an added bonus on top of giving my body the nutrients it really needs!"

"I loved doing the three day cleanse! I lost a total of 5 pounds and finally went below a certain number on the scale. The shake is delicious so it was not hard to do! I could eat
 veggies and a small amount of protein for dinner so that also helped curve my hunger! When I was feeling a little weak (on day 2) I got in touch with Heather Bradley for some support! She encouraged me and I made it through all 3 days! YAY! I really need to start using shakeology has a meal supplement! I think this would help in my goal to continue to lose weight!!"

- Kimberlee Francis

Want to do the cleanse? Here's how!

Email me with your address at

Cost: $60

*Comes with 9 Shakeology Shakes 
(you can get chocolate, greenberry, or combo of both flavors!) 

***Read here about why I think it is so important to cleanse! I had posted this before knowing about Shakeology & after doing the 3-day cleanse it is by far the best! 

Treat your body with something good today!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why eat breakfast?


Why eat breakfast?

I get asked a lot about what to eat & how many calories you should have for each meal.... My response? Always make breakfast your larger meal. Why? Statistics show that people (mainly women) who eat a big breakfast have a lower BMI & are much leaner. 

Not everyone will start out by waking up craving breakfast, however, if you start now you will surprise yourself on how much you look forward to that bowl of oatmeal or whatever you wish to eat for breakfast. I haven't always been this way. There were times I could skip breakfast almost everyday but I have trained my body to fuel up in the mornings which allows better choices throughout the day. 

What to look for in breakfast food:

If you aren't a huge fan of breakfast food that is ok... don't rule yourself out yet. You can have a wrap, peanut butter jelly sandwich, etc. Find something you like that is a healthy alternative to a high sugar breakfast. The main thing is to stabilize your blood sugar & get your metabolism going first thing in the morning. 

Focus on eating whole grains, low-fat protein, & some fruits. I personally love my oatmeal, however, not everyone loves oatmeal like I do... 
Here are some great breakfast ideas:

1. Oatmeal w/skim milk, flaxseed, granola, & berries (my all time fave)
2. 2 Eggs, turkey sausage, & fruit
3. Whole grain english muffin w/natural peanut butter
4. Apple, peanut butter,  & whole wheat toast
5. Eggs, whole wheat pita, & salsa

These are just a few ideas but play around to see what works best for you! If you feel you are more hungry throughout the day after eating breakfast don't fret... it just means you are burning calories & your metabolism is increasing. 

Try making it a priority to eat breakfast. I promise your body will thank you throughout the day!

Saturday's Exercise Tip: We are still working on the videos so until then Saturday's exercise tips will be put on hold! Looking forward to sharing with you!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fitness Friday!

What inspired me this week?


Everyday I am so inspired by the ones around me. What keeps me going? YOU do. Today I usually share pictures of others inspiration but today I wanted to take time to thank all of my readers. You are the ones that truly inspire me to keep pressing on... literally. I am always humbled by your comments & thank you notes. Every time I consider stopping or to skip a day of running I think about all of you. What would I encourage you to do? That thought pushes me to work just a little harder every single day.
 You simply keep me going!

I have come to really love the world of blogging & still learning more about it everyday. I hope that through my experiences & little knowledge about fitness that I can impact your life in some way.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog!
Come back tomorrow to see my exercise tip of the week video! :) 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time Management:


You wouldn't be able to tell from our crazy lifestyle, but I love structure. It's like something built up inside of me that I have had to almost overcome to be flexible for our lifestyle. It doesn't come naturally to me to just go with the flow each day, although, I feel I have gotten pretty good at it the past 6 years. I love making lists: to-do lists, grocery lists, budgets, etc... I have learned to throw a lot of those out the window but one thing that has stuck is making a daily to-do list. It keeps me on my toes. I encourage everyone to make a to-do list. If you want to reach a goal you must have a plan. Sometimes it's a mental note & sometimes it's on paper. 

Someone once told me to make a note every night of just 6 things you want to accomplish the next day with the most important first. I have to admit... there are days I don't follow through with my list. Sometimes it's ok to go with the flow and there are times when it's not ok to be so flexible. It's a daily process for me to conquer time management. I feel that if I can implement this one habit daily that I will be a better wife, mom, & trainer. I know when & where I have to be, where my focus needs to be, & how to simply manage my time. 

One thing I have to add to my list is down time. Time where I don't have any plans & to be flexible for where God wants me to be. I think people can take these tips to extreme & schedule every single minute of their day & not have time to be open to what God has planned. Plan down time. It's a necessity.

I am looking forward to a more structured environment this off-season. Right now our schedule has to be extra flexible & I am ok with that.... I have learned to be structured as much as I can in a non-structured routine. I want to encourage you to tackle 6 tasks everyday. Write them down the night before so you don't have to sit & wonder what was on your to-do list. Prioritize them & get after it! 

You will be that much more productive in your time management! 

Today's Tip:  "Be with" where you are at in the moment. If you are with your kids, be with your kids. If you are checking out at the grocery store, be with the cashier & converse with them instead of being on your phone. If you are with your husband, listen & make conversation. If you are at work, get off facebook. :) You get my point. Enjoy the moment you are in today & try not to be the multi-task queen we all strive to be sometimes.. I am guilty of these. I hope that you will join me in "being with" the moment! 

Make it a great day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Your Baby Can Read: Step 1.

Step 1.

As a family we have decided to take on the adventure to do the Your Baby Can Read program with Jace. I have heard nothing but good things about this program & couldn't wait to get going with our lil man! I want to blog updates on each step periodically to allow you to see the progress we are making & see that this program does work!

As a family we feel it is important to not only exercise our bodies but to exercise our minds too! 

2 weeks ago we started out watching the Step 1 DVD 2x/day & doing flash cards at least once a day. We try to watch the DVD after breakfast & lunch while Jace is sitting in his highchair. It allows him to be able to focus on the words throughout the movie. At first I wasn't sure if the movie was helping much because he wasn't too interested, however, after incorporating the flash cards too I have noticed a huge difference! 

We do the flash cards in the afternoon together before nap time. Again, I put him in his high chair so that I can have his full attention (which doesn't last too long). He has really surprised us so far!!! 

Here are a few words that he can read off of the flashcards:


*He doesn't usually say them all in the same setting but over the past few days he has recognized each of these. He is also doing motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider song on the DVD while watching the words on the screen. His favorite word on the DVD is tiger. 

I cannot wait to see what else he learns from this program. If you have been on the fence about getting it I encourage you to take the jump & go get it! It's definitely worth the money! It's a great way to spend some quality time together.... learning!

Today's Fitness Tip: Read this article on 5 tips for perfect posture. Posture plays a huge role in preventing injury & can even allow you to look thinner!!! Who doesn't want to do that? :) Go check it out here.

*Cooking Challenge: Who is trying a new healthy recipe this week??? 

Learn something new as a family today!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cooking Challenge!


Ok everyone! I have been doing a lot of research on recipes this summer, however, I have not been able to actually participate in cooking because of our schedule. I cannot wait to get going this fall with a whole new perspective on wearing my apron.
(this pic doesn't do justice to the one Megan made for my kitchen)

I want to get creative & I need your help! I want to not only challenge myself but inspire you to get going in the kitchen too! 

The challenge:
To try one new healthy recipe or healthy alternative in your family's weekly menu. Take a picture of the result. It can be anything... no rule on type of dish. Email or FB message it to me with your recipe. If I pick your recipe on September 6th (2 weeks from today) then you will receive an AWESOME give-a-way along with being apart of my recipes that go out to my clients! 

I need some inspiration for this fall! I want to add your recipes to my cookbook! For ideas on how to do this you can go to: Megan's Blog or Oh She Glows. Both give an example on how to make healthy alternatives. Also, Whole Foods has great magazines for healthy dishes! 


Can't wait to see what you fix up!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Chaos:

Beautiful Chaos...

Sometimes as a mom I get so wrapped around the to-do list that I can forget just how sweet the blessings that live with me really are... I have submitted to Jeremy as his wife which means, tackling this life in baseball along with being momma & trainer. I wouldn't change one thing about our life & where God has taken us, however, sometimes it's just pure chaos... a beautiful chaos.

The past 8 days Jeremy has been gone on a road trip & we were so thrilled to pick him up from the airport today! After reflecting back on my week I thought it would be fun to reflect back on how our chaos can be beautiful.... if we allow it to be. 

Sometimes it's as though all I ever do is run, eat, change diapers, cook, clean... all to do it again the very next day... and the next day... and the next day, etc. You get my point. However, I tend to stop myself in my tracks of going through the chaos & realizing just how beautiful life is & the gift God has given each one of us. It reminds me of the song called Slumber by Need to Breathe. Great song. He talks about how we need to stop going through the motions & wake up to see the beauty God has blessed us with right in front of our own eyes. For me... that beautiful chaos I mentioned... that's my 2 sweet boys. I love them more than I ever imagined. Being a momma isn't easy but it's by far the best job!

I guess what I am trying to say today is that my chaos is beautiful when I slow down long enough to notice. Yes, our lives can be busy & monotonous, but those 2 boys wake me up from my daily agenda to show me just how big our God really is... Slow down today & enjoy the chaos around you...
 I bet you will find your chaos is beautiful too!

"Wake on up from your slumber & open up your eyes!" -Need to Breathe
* I have some exciting news! Blazing Rock Productions will be helping me put together short videos for you each week! I can't wait to show you! Until then, I will be posting random exercise tips on Saturdays. I am hoping within the next few weeks we get the videos uploaded! 

Today's Tip: Click here to see how to do a squat jump. 
If you are a beginner start out by doing 3 sets of continuous jumps for 30 seconds.
If you want more of a challenge do 3 sets of continuous jumps for 1 minute or simply add this exercise to a circuit.

Enjoy the chaos around you!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fitness Friday!

Fitness Friday: A day to inspire.

Sarah Hefner:
Fist pumps, high-fives, & support from my 2 swim coaches: Crissy & Jace. 

Stacey Myers:
New home with all new trails to see. :)

Jeremy Hefner:
These two people inspire me to be the best dad/husband/christian/baseball player I can be. They are the loves of my life & the reason I do what I do!

Trina Wickham:
They inspire me to be the best woman, mother, wife, & to be what God sees in me!

Chelsea Hartsock:
Yesterday was my first day as a teacher! I am so excited to see each of my students grow this year, and I will be growing right beside them. Today we wrote our class creed to remind others who we are & for you to remember our motto: "Even little stars can light up the darkness." :-)

What inspires you to get moving?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Hearts Desire:

My heart's desire is for you to know that you are:


I woke up today with a heavy heart. I woke up longing to share with you my heart's desire. To share the whole reason behind this blog, my business, & all the in-between's. You see, it's not about the running, the weight loss, the workouts, the recipes, etc... it's about you & how you see yourself. Do you see yourself worthy or unworthy? God sees you as worthy & my heart's desire is that you will too.

A few years ago I began working with a mentor of mine & through his teachings God really taught me a lot about myself. I always considered myself as "confident" but God revealed something to me during those months. He showed me that if I was as confident as I thought I was then I wouldn't be as prideful either. I grew a lot that summer. My heart was broken & for the first time I really needed God to show me I was worthy. I finally came to terms with the fact that I will never live up to my own expectations if they were to be "perfect"... I worked so hard at being perfect when really all that God wanted was me & my brokenness so I could learn to lean on Him... for everything

As women we desire to be loved & for someone to really care about us... guess what girlfriends? God truly cares about YOU. It's true... It's not just something you hear on Sunday's but something God did through Jesus Christ that overflows in your soul & then all of sudden you feel the peace he brings to your heart. Redemption is here. 
It's true. I promise. 

My heart desires to show you how you can find this experience in your own life... to finally find that freedom you are looking for in your life. For you to realize that your imperfections are what make you beautiful. To learn how you can find fulfillment in Him & throw your stress of perfection out the window. Believing in yourself is the first part. You must believe that you can & you're halfway there. I pray that through my posts, trainings, & personal experiences that I remind you just how special you really are & that yes, you my friend, are really worth it. You can be healthy, you can run, you can make a lifestyle change, you can make a difference...... however, you must not forget that making a change doesn't mean it will be perfect but I can promise it will be freeing. Making a lifestyle change is hard, it can be discouraging at times, but don't forget that you are worth the journey. Don't fret about your imperfections but embrace them & know you have a God who loves you with or without them. He made you special just the way you are...

Whatever you are going through today I pray that in some way God used these words to touch your heart & that your heart will move you. Move you in a direction closer to Him.

By ourselves everything seems impossible, but with God, nothing is impossible.

Today's Tip: What is something you have been holding onto for too long? A lie or experience that haunts you daily... Write it on a piece of paper. Shred it into pieces, Throw it away. Press on toward your goals. Trust God's promises. Do it. TODAY. 

I believe in you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Rest is the best medicine.

The past few days I have felt my body trying to get sick on me... I have been battling it until it finally won yesterday. I have always been semi good about taking my vitamins but one thing I tend to lack in is in rest. I always think about resting but never really actually sit down & rest. My husband will be the first one to tell you I am not good at just completely relaxing. I always have to be doing something.

Last night I chose to rest.... to really rest. We spent the evening at home & literally did nothing. It was awesome to say the least. Jace & I got us a Redbox movie (The Little Engine That Could) and just chilled. It felt so good to not worry about my "to-do list" & just enjoy the company of my son. Last night I went to bed before 11:00 p.m., this is huge for our baseball schedule. Bed time for us is usually around midnight during baseball season. 

Rest is so important!

Today is a cross-training day for me & I will be taking it easy. I am going to spend 30  minutes on the bike, stretch, & call it a day. I am praying that I feel back to my old self soon, however, I think my body could use the extra rest. 

How much rest are you getting? Are you like me & constantly "doing" something even when you are resting? Try to simply put the computer down, phone on silent, grab a blanket, & rest sometime today. Rest is important for your mind & body. Just do it... everything on your list will still be there after you have rested. 

Today's Tip: Choose the stairs over the escalator!!! New study shows you can benefit from at least 15 minutes of exercise a day! Click here to read the article from Good Morning America!

***Winner of the WATER CHALLENGE: Megan Armstrong! You have done so well on your mission-get-your-body-back! So proud of you! I will put your gift in the mail asap!

I want to encourage everyone to KEEP drinking your water! 

Rest then... get moving! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Water Challenge Give-A-Way!

Water Challenge Give-A-Way:

Brita Water Bottle w/Filter


Shakeology Workout DVDS: 2 workouts!!!!

How has your Water Challenge been going?? Who completed this challenge? 
How has it affected your workouts? 

I have noticed the days I struggle with drinking water I am much more tired & honestly just feel BLAH. Water has made a huge difference in the way I feel & definitely gives me more energy! Ever since we started this challenge together I have noticed my body craving it especially if I haven't gotten enough in for the day! 

Share with me by commenting below about how your challenge went & you could win 
my water challenge give-a-way! 

Today's Tip: Have a hard time getting the water down? Motivate yourself by getting a new water bottle & know exactly how many times you need to fill it up in order to reach your daily goal.... then go for it!!

I will post the winner on tomorrow's blog post! 
Come back to see if you are the winner!

*Winner of the Shakeology DVD & Shakeology Sample is.... Our Blessed Life
Email your address :)

Stay hydrated today!

Sunday's Guest: Crissy Perham


One sweet family...

I have been blogging about my swimming lessons with Crissy & couldn't help but ask her to be a guest on my blog. I have been so honored to her "student" & to get to know her on a personal basis. She currently works at the Kino Stadium where my husband is playing this season, although, she has definitely become my friend. I hope I am half as "fit" as she is when I am her age! Here are a few questions we put together for you :) 

Be inspired by a Mom, Wife, Friend, & Athlete (Olympian at that): Crissy Perham

1. How has being a successful athlete over the years carried over into staying in shape as a mom & wife? 

-I've stayed in shape for several reasons. My parents were great examples to my brother, Matt, and I. I think it's also important that I'm a good example to my kids, but also to people who look at me as "Olympian". I have a really active husband and active kids, so we do a lot of things together. I have to keep up! And lastly, I like to workout because it makes me feel good, I love seeing my friends and I know I'm taking good care of myself.

2. Your schedule can get pretty busy being a mom to 2 boys & working.... How do you battle the nutrition side of things? 

-Oh...tough question. I don't limit myself too much. I like to eat and can eat a lot, so I just am choosy about what I put in my mouth. I'm a Rotarian, which means luncheons every Wednesday. I ALWAYS eat my salad and my veggies! That's how I can rational eating the yummy cookies each Wednesday, too! 

3. What is your favorite workout besides swimming?

-I LOVE TO BOX!!! I really love my boxing coaches and the people who go to the classes. I even go boxing with my oldest son, Alex, and Ryan takes boxing classes, too. It's important for me to have some entertainment and get my sweat on!

4. I have been around you for a few months now & love your constant positive attitude! What keeps you in a steady positive mindset?

-You are so sweet to say that! I do try to be positive. Fake it til ya make it sometimes. I think I just really enjoy what I do and the people I'm around. That keeps me in a good mood! And I'm a pretty happy person, generally. When I get down, which everyone does at one time or another, I find someone I can talk to, either my husband, Charlie, or a friend, and we "solve the world's problems". 

5. What is one piece of advice you would give all the momma's out there looking to get fit in every area of life? 

 -I know you've added this to your blog recently, but make time. I try to remember, when I'm feeling guilty or tired or crabby, that just like on an airplane...put the mask on yourself before you try to help others. I'm no good to anyone if I'm not taking care of myself. Easier said than done, but I keep trying! One last what you love and do it for yourself!

Thank you Crissy for being an inspiration to so many & for taking the time to be a guest on my blog! 

Today's Tip: Like yogurt? Try Greek Yogurt! It has twice as much protein as regular yogurt & is loaded with probiotics to help your digestive system! Mix it with granola & it tastes yummy! 

Be inspired this week!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Me Time" & Burpees:


My precious little boy.

As a mom it's like you automatically learn how to put yourself last. There is no training during your pregnancy about this & sure other's "warn you" about getting in all the personal time you can get until the baby is born.... but the minute you fall in love with your son/daughter it's all over.... You don't want to put yourself first anymore. That baby boy or girl becomes your world. Jace has definitely become our world. We still make time for us as a couple of course & try to talk about things other than Jace... Let's just say I have become pretty attached to our lil booger! 

Running has become my therapy as I have mentioned in previous posts. I love the 30-60 minutes of "me time" & feeling energized afterwards, although, sometimes I feel guilty for those 30-60 minutes I am away from Jace. I think any mom would tell you they have experienced these feelings before one time or another. During the baseball season Jace & I are pretty much attached at the hip.... we do everything together & I love it.  (side note: off-season months Jace is attached to Daddys hip... not mine. I work those months-fair trade!) 

Anyway, today as I was running I began to feel guilty & couldn't figure out why I felt this way.... then it hit me... It's because I am a mom! It's natural to feel this way but we shouldn't let it get to us! As a mom I have learned over the past almost 17 months that a healthy balance is key, especially taking some personal time away from your kiddos. It doesn't mean you love them any less. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, even if it's just 30 minutes!   Make time for yourself this weekend.... 
you deserve it!!!

I look forward to the off-season months when date night becomes a regular for Jeremy & I while Jace stays with his grandparents or aunts/uncles.
 It is definitely a must. 

Don't feel guilty for taking time out for yourself today. It might not be running but maybe you want a nice bubble bath or a trip to the grocery store.. alone. Go for it! :)

Today's Tip: Saturday is going to be a day I share a new exercise. 
Today: Burpees. 
These are great for when you are in a hurry & need to get in a quick full body circuit. It can also be a great way to increase the intensity in your workouts. There are so many different variations to the exercise but today I am showing you the basic steps. 

FYI: I feel as goofy as I look & you will too but these work EVERYTHING!


Start out by doing these for 30 seconds at a time. Repeat at least 3 times.
Soon you will be able to do them for 1 minute! 
(don't get negative yet, you can do anything for 1 minute!) 

Want to increase the intensity? Add a push-up every time you go down & see how many you can get up to!
Good luck!

Enjoy some YOU time today!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogging Goals:


Blogging Goals:

The past week I have been contemplating on what direction to take my blog... I desire to help you get fit in every area of your life & inspire you through my strengths and my struggles. I want to share with you a few specific goals that I want to accomplish with my blog. Please hold me accountable! 

Goal #1 : To educate you with basics tools in running & exercise. 
Resolution: I will share a video every Saturday morning with a key exercise you can incorporate into your workouts. Come back later today for this week's exercise!

Goal #2: Every Friday will be Fitness Friday & through each other's photos we will inspire one another to keep moving! 
Resolution: I will send out emails, tweets, & fb status reminders so that everyone can be included in Fitness Friday. I will also remind you throughout the week on my blog! All you have to do is send me a photo of something that represents what motivated you this week to keep moving and why it motivated you! I will post by noon on Friday!

Goal #3: I want to share the successes of others on my blog. 
Resolution: I will have a guest blogger or "interview blog" on Sundays at least 2x/month.
(if you would like to share one of your accomplishments or have something you'd like to share on my blog please feel free to email me @

Goal #4: To share some of my favorite things! 
Resolution: The first Monday of every month I will be GIVING AWAY one of my favorite things. It will be a variety of things! You can read more about this here.

Goal #5: To continually grow personally in physical & spiritual health in order to inspire you the best I can. 
Resolution: I will share one daily tip with you on one of the following areas: physical, spiritual, or emotional health. They will usually be something I have learned recently or been reminded of that day as well.... I will continue my goal to have a quiet time each day in order to grow the way God desires & be open to what he has to teach me. 

I will do my best to keep these goals! Every goal should have a date... so, I am dating these goals! I will be consistent with these goals until January 1, 2012 where I will re-evaluate my blogging goals

Set some goals today & share them with others! 
If you would like to share your goals on my blog feel free to comment on today's post! If you comment with your goal & it's date you could win a FREE Shakeology Sample along with a Shakeology workout dvd! 

Better get going on setting those goals!

Time Flies.


Lately I have felt that the days just get away from me way too fast as if time really does fly.

I realize today is Friday again & I have forgotten to remind everyone to email me their Fitness Friday photos. I realize that the kitchen is a disaster & the laundry is piled up way too high.... (my mother would kill me if she saw our house, ha!) I realize that there are toys everywhere because we are constantly tripping over them. I realize I have a pile of mail to be sent out. I realize Jeremy just left for 8 whole days & I'm pretty bummed he is gone. I realize a lot of things need to be done & trust me its pretty obvious when you walk into our apartment that I need to get busy.... but what I think I need to realize today is that even though all those things seem to get away from me that they are the least bit important when it comes to taking care of my son & being Jeremy's wife. You see, those things are just things that need to be done & today I will get them done, however, I will not let my blood pressure get too high thinking about them because I have a little boy in my arms who thinks I am pretty much awesome & I have a husband who is thousands of miles away yet he loves me more than anyone could possibly love me. Today I have health & am so thankful God has allowed me to stay healthy. I pray that even though we might be a messy family sometimes (maybe more than I'd like to admit) that we stay a healthy one: Physically, spiritually, & emotionally

I encourage you today to not let your blood pressure get too high about things that are just things & focus on what really is important... Love on the ones around you because your day will start to get away from you & your mess will still be there tomorrow to be picked up but your loved ones need your love today. Don't fret about what you ate yesterday or what you allowed your kids to eat this past week because you have been so busy but instead enjoy today by making healthy choices.... together. Go play at the park & talk about how thankful you are that you are able to do so.... There are so many kids who don't have the privileges our kids have today or parents who have the time or health to take them. 

I guess my point today is to just be thankful & live in the moment... Don't waste your time complaining about the things that are just things... My days can get away from me & today I choose to be with whoever I am talking to or whatever I am doing. Life is too short not to...

Today's Tip: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Ok... not really.. but eating an apple does suppresses your appetite and helps control your blood sugar! Enjoy an apple today!
Jace loves apples!

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law & sweet friend: Megan Armstrong!!!!!

Take a deep breathe & enjoy your day!