My Goals.

Current Training:

MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Full Marathon.
December 4, 2011

Cross country coach, Chris McCormick has put together a personalized training program for me to begin: May 30, 2011.


1. It is December 4, 2011  & I have completed the White Rock Marathon in 3:45.
Resolution: I have followed my training program consistently & worked to the best of my ability everyday.
Affirmation: You DID it! So proud of you for being committed & never giving up on yourself! 

2. It is December 4, 2011 & I have also increased my arm strength. I am able to do 50 push-ups at one time.
Resolution: I will work on my push-ups daily. I will do them correctly & precisely.
Affirmation: Never did you think you would be able to say you are toned but today you can! Way to go! Keep setting goals & being a good example to Jace! You rocked your cross-training days!

3. It is December 4, 2011 & I have drank half my weight in ounces of water everyday.
Resolution: I will use my highlighter to highlight everyday I complete this task. I will be smart when going out to eat & always order water. 
Affirmation: Good bye Diet Cokes & hello healthier lifestyle! What a great example you are to Jace & to your clients! Keep it up!

4. It is December 4, 2011 & I have spent at least 15 minutes a day in the word with God & really seeking his direction. 
Resolution: I will plan my days accordingly & make it a priority. I will not go to sleep without having this time alone with God.
Affirmation: You are more mature in your walk with God & your cup is full. Continue to be a light in the world & show Jace the importance of His word.

Are you writing your goals down?