Hefner Fitness, LLC

My name is Sarah Grace Hefner. I am a Nationally 
Certified Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor. 
I am dedicated to helping & guiding individuals to 
attain a lifestyle of change through health & fitness. I
 will promote a healthy lifestyle by educating you on
 topics of effective exercise, nutrition, & personal wellness. 
I am committed to delivering this service while helping each 
individual reach their goals, succeeding beyond their potential,
 & growing stronger in their mind, spirit, & body. 

-Sarah Grace Hefner

The best way to contact me is at:



-I am happy to say that I have not only lost weight & inches, but I am starting to see some muscle definition as well! I can also see a change in my attitude! I believe that God brings people into your life for a reason & I am truly blessed! -Courtney Castle

-The encouragement & support from the ladies at bootcamp has been a huge blessing to me! I am making lifelong changes & reaching goals that I have never thought I would reach! Not only am I increasing my physical strength, but I am growing spiritually too! –Chelsea Hartsock

-After having my second child in late March, I decided it was time to start putting exercise in my daily routine. In July I joined Sarah’s class. She has been great to encourage me & help me succeed in the goals I set for myself. September 25, 2010 I checked off another goal by finishing my first 5k run & on May 1, 2011 I ran my first half marathon! Thanks Sarah for the positive spirit! –Trina Wickham

Classes & Personal training sessions for Claremore, Ok are currently on hold until the fall :) See you all soon!