Sunday, July 31, 2011


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Today I am recovering from a long week. It has been a week full of sprints, short runs, long runs, stretching, icing, lots of icy hot, travel, baseball, & chasing around a sweet little boy. I am exhausted.

I am looking forward to getting a good swim in today & just taking it easy with my son at home. I haven't felt this tired in a long time but don't worry.... its a good tired ;) I was concerned about how my body would respond to this week's busyness & so glad I survived without any major issues! What a feeling of accomplishment! This upcoming week I get to take it easy & enjoy a day off on Friday! Hallelujah! 

I have learned that if you want something you must work for it... and work hard. Give God the glory in your failures & in your successes. When he puts desires in your heart he wants you to go after them because he wants you to lean on Him & desire more of Him throughout the process. This marathon training has been just that so far. I have not only grown stronger physically but I feel God is stretching me & strengthening me one step & one mile at a time. It has been a sweet, sweet process & I am looking forward to what the rest of my training holds! 

I am being transformed little by little by our Father. Are you letting him transform you?

Today's Tip: Refresh & recharge today by taking some alone time. It might be a nice hot bath (which I am def going to do), yoga class, reading, napping, or watching a movie with your husband. Whatever it is soak it up today & relax. It's been a long week & we all could use a little recharge. 

He didn't promise us it'd be easy, but that it'd be worth it.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What are you waiting for?


So what are you waiting for? What do you have to lose?
Your insecurities try to hold to you
You know you're made for more, so don't be afraid to move
Your faith is all it takes, and you can walk on the water
Walk on the water, too

-Walk on the Water by Britt Nicole

Yesterday, Jace & I had our routine Chick-fil-A date before Jeremy pitched last night. Lately I have been telling everyone he has become a sponge because he learns new things & new words by the hour most days. While at Chick-Fil-A we went to play on the playground & sure enough Jace was Mr. Brave. He climbed up ALL the steps, walked through the maze at the top, and went down the big slide like it was nothing. To some, this might sound silly, but as a mom I am sure you can relate to my feeling of time slipping by quickly. He is really growing up and fast. At that moment I was reminded of how fast time flies & boy does it fly! 

This brought me to my point for today: what are you waiting for? Each day you say, "I will start tomorrow" is another day quickly passing by & before you know it tomorrow has gone & it's been months, even years. What are you waiting for? Start whatever it is God is tugging at your heart to do today.  I want to cherish each moment I am given. I don't want to look back & regret not starting today. What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? 

If you are like me then you know what the word "procrastinate" means... I tend to procrastinate things I don't necessarily enjoy. Sometimes it takes doing the things you don't enjoy to do the things you enjoy! 

Today I choose to push myself beyond my comfort zone physically so that I am able to keep up with my son. I choose not to wait! Bring on the 9 miles!

What are you waiting for?

Today's Tip: 5 Healthy Kid-Friendly Recipes Love these great alternatives for your kids favorites! I am going to try the mac n cheese today! I will post my turnout tomorrow!

Starting moving NOW!

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Why.


My Why: Jace Allen Hefner.

This morning I woke up to a little boy yelling "my momma" in the other room. His little voice gets me out of bed & fills my heart with joy when I walk into his room & see his sweet little grin. This same little boy motivates me & keeps me going every single day to take care of my body. He is the one who is with me 24/7 & sees everything I put in my mouth. He will be the one standing with his Daddy at the finish line of the marathon December 4th cheering me on to finish strong! He is the one who I want to influence in such a positive way I can't stand it sometimes. Today I am motivated by Jace to get moving even when I don't feel like it because everything I do impacts him a little more each day.

Today's Tip: Create good habits today because the little ones in your house are watching you!

Have a Terrific Thursday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi there, beautiful!


you are beautiful.

I just need to be very blunt with you today. The scales can just be plain cruel. It doesn't matter if you have 100 pounds to lose to meet your "goal" or if you gained just 5 pounds over the weekend... it's still cruel. Why is that? 

I believe we let the scale control our belief system. If it's what we want it to say then we are happy & if we come up short after stripping every piece of clothing just to "make sure" it doesn't add anything extra we are disappointed & it ruins our whole day. I know this because I too experience these feelings. You see, as women we fluctuate weight throughout the month and we tend to let the scale control our beliefs. Today I want to encourage you to throw the results of the scale out the window... why you ask?
 Because, you are beautiful! It doesn't matter what the scale says for me to know that you are beautiful. God's word says you are & that is way more valuable than a number on a scale. 

Fluctuating weight can be frustrating & honestly I get frustrated with myself when I am on the higher end of my 5 pound fluctuation. I believe we shouldn't let "water weight", the "time of the month", or a "get-a-way weekend" weigh-in results dictate our day.
Today I choose to believe I am beautiful & I hope you will too. So, please, join me in throwing those results out the window & put a smile on your face because you just conquered a big fat lie that sometimes those scales try to persuade us with daily. 

Today's Tip: Limit yourself to weighing in only once a week. As women we really do fluctuate & honestly it's O.K. as long as you keep consistent with your good habits.  Sticking to once a week the same time every week will give you an accurate result. Also, as most of you probably already know it's best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning. It's called your "true weight" :)

Be self-disciplined & keep it down to once a week! It will do your mind some good!

Marathon Training Update:
Marathon training has been still kickin. I am working to finish strong this week as it's my week that pushes me way beyond my comfort zone. Yesterday's travels back to AZ threw my body out of whack but I am feeling good today. I have 7 miles to run today, 4 tomorrow, & 9 MILES on Saturday. I will finish. I am stretching, icing, & eating properly to keep healthy. I am telling you my plan so that you can hold me accountable. If you don't see my DailyMile posts these next few days feel free to question me on it because I could use the accountability! ;)

I believe in you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family First.

Today I slept in & skipped my early morning run. It was hard for me to say no to running this morning with the smell of rain & knowing it was going to be a cool morning. The reason I slept in is in my picture up above.... Mr. Jace. He is also my why. He is part of the reason I step foot on the pavement every single day & strive to be better. Today getting better meant sleeping in & getting my rest. 

Rest is so important & I think we all take it too lightly sometimes. I know I do. Jacer hasn't been feeling well since yesterday & in order to take care of him (my first priority) I needed my sleep. I believe today that he was way more important than enjoying the smell of wonderful rain at 6 a.m., however, I will still get my running in today.... it just will have to be later. 

Don't get me wrong.... I believe as momma's we need our escape & for me that is my running. Today I needed to be flexible & show my son that his momma would be there for him to take care of him & if that means rearranging my workout then thats the least I could do. 

Sometimes your kiddos just need you & your days plans might change but remember... family first!

Today's Tip: Instead of handing your kids over to your husband or to a babysitter to get your workout in this week choose to include them in your workout. Make it a time to bond once a week outdoors playing or going for a nice evening walk/jog. Spending quality time with your little ones is so important! Show them love & how staying fit is important!

Momma's: take care of the ones you love!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Flexibility & Stability.


Flexibility & Stability are necessary as an athlete.

After a weekend of running 8 miles & a good cross training workout the following day my quads weren't very happy with me. I did not stretch near enough & I knew it when I woke up this morning with pain in my quads. 

Today I ran a total of 6 miles while including 4 x 800 sprints. It was by far one of my best workouts where I pushed my body to get out of its comfort zones. Trina & Nicole were there to hold me accountable & cheer me on as I pushed through those last sets of sprints. (I love those girls!) I knew exactly what I had done & I knew exactly where I didn't want to go so I held back just enough to keep from making my legs worse. I took time to stretch, ice, & rest afterwards. 

One thing my husband stresses to me is to have a strong core. Not only do we need to be flexible but we also must have stability. If you lack these components you are more prone to get an injury because you are unable to control your movement during a run or any physical activity for that matter.

Today's Tip: How do we do this?

Flexibility: Make it a point to stretch after every time you workout. Take the extra 10-15 minutes. It is so worth it. 

The Worlds Greatest Stretch is a great stretch if you don't have a lot of time. 

Stability: Add a basic plank circuit to your workouts. Do a plank for 1 minute, rest 15 seconds, plank for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, plank for 30 seconds, rest. 
Repeat if able.

These are just a few basic tips to help you get started! 
Remember that flexibility and stability are a key component to preventing injury! 

Keep your body balanced today!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't give up!


Early this morning I got up & got ready to go workout with a group in Perry where my brother & sister-in-law are leading a group. Jace got to stay with his Grams & Gramps here in Perkins & momma got to go get her cross training in for the day. We all met at the football field bright & early. Miss Alivia (my almost 4 month old niece) sat in her carrier with her sweet little dress on & watched us sweat. It was a great morning! The best part about getting to go was seeing the other ladies get out of their comfort zones & push through the workout. I was inspired to see it!

During one specific exercise one of the ladies mentioned she did more reps throughout the 30 seconds today than she did last week. What an accomplishment! She is putting forth the effort & step by step she is making progress. This is such a great reminder! Last week might have been brutal but this week was just somewhat brutal. I think this represents what it takes to reach a goal. 

First thing we do is set our goal & we should set them high. Don't underestimate yourself & don't rush yourself either. It is a daily process. I say it time & time again as my friend Keith Kochner says, "You aren't big steps from anything, only small shifts from everything." Today I saw 3 ladies make another small shift. Is it hard? Absolutely! If you will just make yourself get out there the rest will follow. The main thing is to take that initial step. That is the hardest. Consistency is key but you must begin before you can be consistent. 

It doesn't matter whether your goal is to lose 10, 50, or 100 pounds or you are stepping foot on the pavement to train for your first race.... it is a process. Fight through the beginning & stay strong. It is well worth the work. Don't be discouraged by how many push-ups you can do or how many reps you get in your ab workout. Be encouraged by the fact you did push-ups & an ab workout today. You are a champion for making that small shift today! 

To go read about Sunday workouts in Perry click here!

I believe in you!

Today's Tip:


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fitness (Friday) Saturday

Fitness Friday Saturday:

A day to be inspired!

Stacey Myers:
My inspiration for the week was simply to being"swimsuit ready" for a mini vaca to San Antonio. :) Happy Fitness!

Megan Armstrong:
Getting this much done by 7:00 a.m. inspires me to keep getting up early & beating the sun!

Sarah Grace Hefner:
I was inspired by these two this week. Megan & Brandon Armstrong 
(sister & brother-in-law). Us 3 ran 8 miles this morning together. Megan had a baby just 3.5 months ago! They inspire me!

Leslie Pelton:
My aunt PD. Staying up with her is next to impossible. Hoping to be half as fit as she is when I am her age. She rocks!!

Jill Schimdt:
Getting new shoes is always inspiring!

Thanks to all who read & share on my blog! I am inspired by all of you! 
Happy weekend!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

3-Day Shakeology Cleanse Results!

3-Day Cleanse Results:

The 3-day cleanse was fantastic! I lost a total of 6 POUNDS & feel energized!!!

Here is what I did for the last 3-days:

Breakfast: Shakeology (w/cup of ice & water blended) 

Snack: Green Apple

Lunch: Shakeology (w/cup of ice, berries, & water blended)

Dinner: Spring Mix salad with berries, sliced almonds, chopped apple, & light dressing 
(350 calories)

Snack: Shakeology (w/cup of ice & water blended)


How I felt:

After traveling for the past 4 days I felt very sluggish. I knew it was time for a good cleanse. This was the first time I had done the Shakeology cleanse & it has been by far the best one! I like it because it is doable. I have done 28 day cleanses, 7 day cleanses, etc & this one was the most realistic. In just 3 days I feel 10x healthier & even a little lighter! 

I did have a slight headache but the headache is gone now. The headache was a sign that my body was getting rid of the toxins. I didn't miss any sweets or really even feel hungry. I felt very satisfied with my meals & almost to the point of not being hungry. With my continuation of my workouts I knew I needed the caloric intake so there were times when I had to force myself to finish. I just felt so full. It totally shocked me. Most people think you starve yourself on a cleanse or drown your body in fiber but that is completely false. It's about putting good things in your body. Shakeology definitely did that for me!

The one thing I struggled  with the most is having to drink my meal. I am the type of person who enjoys an actual meal & so I had to force myself to drink some of them. After the first day I started to get use to the fact I needed to drink my meals. It helped knowing how good it was for me even though it tasted like yummy chocolate. If you know what a Braum's shake tastes like then you will understand when my friend told me it tasted like she was enjoying her Braum's chocolate shake instead of something healthy. 
Props to Shakeology because thats a HUGE compliment!

What I loved about this cleanse is that it was very basic & doable (mentioned above). It's not something that you have to take a few days off of work just to complete. I didn't spend my 3 days in the bathroom. I simply replaced my meals & followed the guidelines. (I have to admit that I did get a bite of my moms chicken tortilla soup.... I'm only home for a week so I gave myself the chance to get a taste! Yum is what it was & I didn't splurge... just tasted! Going to share her recipe in the future! )



Why Cleanse?

We are constantly surrounded by toxins from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Toxins are anything that causes a negative affect to our bodies. It can lead to the following: fatigue, weight gain, constipation, & skin breakouts. We are what we eat so therefore we must get rid of the bad in our body & replace it with the good. Solution? A cleanse! Once you have completed the cleanse you will feel energized & ready to take on the challenge of making a lifestyle change. I feel that a cleanse is a great way to jump start your weight loss program or help you get over that plateau.


How can you do the 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse?

If you would like to jump start your lifestyle change with a good cleanse please email me at: I will then email you the details needed to order your Shakeology. 

Cost: $60 for 3-Day Cleanse

Here is what will be included in your package:

If you would like to place an order for a months supply please click on the Order Now button on my website. You can find it here.


Today's Tip: Get out of your comfort zone today & give up something that is harmful to your body! Replace it with something healthy! This could even relate to your thoughts! Instead of criticizing yourself pray that God will fulfill you with his promises! Crave Him not food!!!!! I will not be having ANY Diet Coke today :) Every time I consider reaching for one & I am going to pray instead. I hope to implement this concept more often throughout my days. What about you? 

Be Healthy Today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Country Roads.

This is a picture I took w/my Iphone while running a few months ago on a morning run. It's out at my mom's house. 
I couldn't help but stop & take it.  
Love me some Oklahoma after being in the dessert for 2 months! :)

Today I couldn't help but think about the different climates: Arizona dessert & Oklahoma humidity. Yesterday's evening run was pretty much brutal at 6 p.m. but this morning was absolutely beautiful. Feels like home when I run out here at my moms & have the cattle cheering me on with their stare. Ha! 

I love being in Arizona with my husband & wouldn't change it for anything, however, I love Oklahoma. We want Jace to grow up here where we did & go to school in Oklahoma. Arizona is great when my boys are there, otherwise, it's just another state. Oklahoma is home :)

Today is the second day of my Shakeology 3-day cleanse & I feel fantastic! Be sure to read my post on Thursday with the details! 

Today's Tip: When doing a cleanse you MUST get your water intake. The first day you usually get a slight headache which I had yesterday. This means your body is adjusting & getting rid of the toxins in your body. Keep hydrated & by the next day you will feel much better. It is so worth it to do a cleanse. Also, be sure to plan you meals & decide BEFORE what you will & will not have. My family grilled burgers last night (they smelled amazing) but I had already decided to do my cleanse. I chose to have my planned salad & shake instead of the grilled burgers. I feel so good so far!

Looking forward to running with my girls tomorrow! Going 5! :)

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

You know it’s been a long day when you have traveled all day & after it being dark for at least an hour you still have your sunglasses on your face. Yes, I did this yesterday. Don’t worry… we laughed for about ten minutes.  I couldn’t figure out why it was so dark until I realized what I had done.

Why is it we try so hard to keep from laughing?

I love when Jace gives us his ornery grin & causes us to burst into laughter that brings tears to my eyes. I love laughing with my husband on late nights when we are so tired we are delirious , dancing silly in the car, or just getting a good laugh with my sisters.
 It’s so contagious.

I remember when I was younger I was considered the clumsy one out of the group. Us girls always got a good laugh about the things I did when we were together. I miss those days when my abs got so sore the next day from laughing. I think sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. It’s good to be serious sometimes but there are days when you just need a good laugh. Make light of your clumsiness or forgetfulness! 
We all do it sometime or another!

Let’s not take life so serious all the time & laugh more.
C’mon people… you even burn calories when you laugh so why not?!

Today's Tip:
A good belly laugh exercises the diaphragm, contracts the abs & even works out the shoulders, leaving them more relaxed afterward. It even provides a good workout for your heart. You can burn approx. 1.3 calories per minute during laughter. (source)

*Updates: I have started the Shakeology 3-day cleanse today & already feel great! I am planning on posting a blog about my results on Thursday so be sure to come back to hear the details! I would love to share with you on how you can do this as well! I have signed up as a Beachbody Coach & can order the Shakeology for you. You can also get free shipping!!! I will get details to you soon! :)

Marathon training is going great! Missed a day during vacation but making up for it this week! Really enjoying my time running lately.... I feel so much better after a good run! Swimming this week for cross training! Can't wait to do my workout my friend Crissy sent me! I will be sharing more about her in the next week or so!
What is your favorite type of exercising? 

Laugh it off today!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Healthy Kid Snacks.


This looks so fun & yummy! Our household will def be trying this!

If you are friends with me on facebook then I am sure you saw my status last night about a kid Jace's age (16 months) eating cotton candy at the baseball game. I so badly wanted to tap that mother on the shoulder & kindly tell her to throw it away. Of course, that is none of my business whatsoever. I will never tell another mother what she "should" do without her permission. I know I don't like the recommendations myself. Now, don't get me wrong... I let Jace try things like ice cream & new foods. What I don't do is let him indulge in anything that is going to create bad habits. I don't believe in being an extremist but I do believe in making healthy choices for you & your kids. Your kids will imitate what you do. So, this brings me to today's blog: Healthy Kid Snacks. I want to share with you some creative ideas I have found for kids. I know when I was a child I looked forward to snack time at my Aunt Jolene's house in the summers & I am sure most kids do! So, why not make it fun? :)

Healthy Kid Snacks:

Cheese & Fruit Kabobs:

The protein in this kid-friendly snack keeps energy levels high until dinnertime. We like to stick salt-free pretzel sticks into cubes of low-fat cheese to make "satellite snacks," but you can also make cheese more interesting to kids by cutting it into fun shapes with a cookie cutter and making kabobs with your favorite fruit.


Green Apple:


Jace loves eating a green apple at the baseball games! We pack one each night into our bag & it not only is healthy for him but it keeps him busy too! Kids his age like to feel independent & boy does he feel like a big boy eating his apple. It's actually pretty entertaining. (we still cut the pealing off for him)

Fruit Smoothies:

After our evening runs together Jace & I usually share a fruit smoothie. It's a great alternative to ice cream (my husband would say it's not even comparable to ice cream as he is an ice cream guru! ha!). Fewer calories & you can even sneak in the veggies your kids might not like by themselves. 

*You can also make these into freeze pops & eat them like Popsicle's! All you need is popsicle sticks & popsicle trays to freeze them!


Jace likes to take Manna Bears or we like to get the vitamins from our Whole Foods Market. I recommend researching into what vitamins you get for your child but it is ultimately your decision on what you give them! I stick with multi-vitamins that help their immune system. Jace hasn't been sick much at all... thank the Lord!


Keep fresh veggies & fruits in your fridge that are ready to eat. I like to go buy broccoli, cauliflower, grapes, & strawberries. Cut them up & store them in the fridge so if any of us get the urge to "snack" we can have healthy choices available. We also try to add a few pieces of broccoli to our plates so that we all are encouraging each other to eat more greens. Jace enjoys chewing on broccoli but I doubt it's his favorite... actually I know it's not. He does like to carry it around bc he sees us doing it. For now we are pretty cool in his book... wondering how much longer I can soak up this coolness? ;) Even if your kids don't think they like it you are still encouraging them in a positive way! 

These are very practical tips on giving your kids healthy snack options, however, it's always a nice reminder. By no means am I perfect at this or any other advice I give you. I strive to be better at everything I do & this is definitely one of them. I have come to enjoy eating healthy & encouraging my son to as well! 

What's your favorite healthy snack?? 

Today's tip: Go here to learn how you can plan your meals each week for your family! It's a great tool a friend recommended to me & I am looking forward to using it a lot this off-season. It gives you recipes, grocery lists, & approx. costs! Great tool!!

Influence someone in a healthy way today! 

Be healthy!

Fitness Friday:

Fitness Friday: 
The day of the week when we all get together to share photos that represent what motivated us this week in hope's to in return motivate you! 


Megan Armstrong:

Always remember your goals!

Leslie Pelton:

These used to be my “skinny” capris. I put them on Monday and now they are my big and baggy capris. YEAH!!! 

I bought some new sunglasses to run in.  And now that I think about it, this might have been a silly purchase considering all my running is done before daylight thanks to this heat.

 I ran my first 5K in over 5 years last Saturday and placed 1st in my age group and even though it was a small race, it definitely helped push me out of bed early this week.

Kimberlee Francis:

My dad is not one to give compliments! In fact, he points out every gray hair I have! However, the other day he told me I looked toned! That drives me to keep pressing on!

Chelsea Hartsock:

My small group from church went to Joplin to help clean up & demolition. It was a great two day physical workout as well as being an opportunity to spiritually invest in the lives of people who had their world shattered. 
God's hand was written all over the restoration.

Alexis Robertson:

Bleachers: Right now we have a love/hate relationship, but I trust you're going to make me a better person one day. Being willing is not enough, you have to be a doer!

Sarah Hefner:

I was reminded how important my health is this week... all areas of "health".
I want to grow old with the man I love. 
That drives me to be healthy in all areas of life. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What direction are you going in?

Yesterday we flew into Chicago at about 8:30 p.m. Jace did great on the plane but the 3 of us were exhausted. We had to get our rental car & still drive 2.5 hours to Fort Wayne. On the way out of the airport Jeremy & I were trying to find our way. We ended up taking the toll rd by accident with zero cash on us. Luckily, we made it to Fort Wayne safely, however, we had started out on the wrong track. This got my brain storming on how we have choices in life but it's never too late to turn around. Today you can change the direction you are going. Stick with me through my analogy...

As we were approaching the signs it was dark & hard to see. I was going strictly by the phone's map & it said to take the toll rd not even realizing we had zero cash handy. We had made a wrong turn & it was time to make a change in our route.

Once we got on the toll road we both realized what we had done. Bummer. We had to find a way to the freeway & get through the toll we had already approached. Thankfully, there was a place to swipe your debit card to get you through & the kind lady gave us directions to the freeway. It was scary being somewhere unfamiliar. We had no clue where we were or at least I didn't. ;) We hit a million stop signs & it felt like each of them looked the same. After about ten minutes or maybe more we reached the freeway. We had made a correction & got on to the right path. We were either going to go down the more expensive route or the free route. We chose the free route. Wouldn't you? Being healthy is way more valuable than to not be. Are you on the wrong road today? Do you need to redirect your habits? I know there are days when I get caught up in my bad habits that each day begins to look like the day before & so on. I have to stay focused on my surroundings & the decisions I am making. I have to make a plan & stick with it.... just talking about it won't get me there. Are you waiting to start being "healthy" on Monday? Don't wait until then because you have a family that needs you to be healthy today & needs you to change your direction today. You see, we were driving to Fort Wayne to meet my family who were counting on us to show up today. Jeremy's team was counting on him to pitch today. We didn't have time to waste. Maybe today is the day you are to make that change. Whatever it might be. Get started on the right direction today. It's never too late to turn around & find your way. It might be hard & seem monotonous but it's well worth it. I promise.

If you need help in finding your way to a healthier lifestyle let me know & I will be glad to help you get on the right track. Email me:

Today's tip: Do the right thing, all the time, with a smile on your face. Don't procrastinate it when you think of a task to get done on that to-do list just do it right then....even when you don't want to. It will get your day going in the right direction & you will feel so productive!

Make good choices today!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Travel Day Tips:

Travel Tips:

Tomorrow we leave for Fort Wayne, IN with my husband's baseball team. We will be meeting my parents there for a few days then going back with them to Oklahoma for the week. With my husbands career I have become quite the traveler. Even as a little kid I enjoyed traveling so I really don't mind. 

The hard part about traveling, especially with a little one, is staying healthy the day of flying. It sounds so much easier at 5:00 a.m. to just pick up something at the airport Startbucks or McDonald's & board your plane. What I have learned over the years is that although it might sound easier it is not. The times I have done that I felt awful the next day & felt that I needed to do an extreme detox after flying. Here are some great tips I have accumulated over the past few years of constant travel. Hope you enjoy!

Travel Tips:

1. Plan, Plan, Plan: I spend many hours staring at my clothes spread out in my bedroom the night before travel trying to pick out which outfits I will pack. As much time as I spend picking out my clothes I have found I can take 5-10 minutes planning what we will eat the next day. Pack healthy snacks if you are driving & if you are flying stop by the convenient store. Pick up water, fruit, protein bars, suckers if you have little ones, & gum. Those are must haves. Stay clear of any fast food restaurants. You want to feel energized for your trip, not sluggish.

2. Drink WATER: Drink water constantly. When I travel I tend to want to fall back into my Diet Coke days but this is NOT what needs to happen. Drinking water when you first wake up & continuously throughout your travel day will help with constipation, bloating, & fatigue! Drinking water first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism for at least a few hours! (early mornings at airport drain you, trust me!!!) Besides, we have a water challenge to meet anyway, right? :)

3. Pack MINIMUM in your carry on: Let's just say after carrying a diaper bag, completely full purse, pushing stroller, & drinks in hand I have noticed my shoulders are killing me the next day. It is important to take as least as possible through security. It will save you time & a back ache. I have narrowed our carry-on to one bag!

4. SLEEP: Make sure to get enough sleep the night before no matter how anxious you are about your trip. I usually am so anxious I don't want to even think about sleep but I have learned to read before going to sleep & that seems to help. Getting rest is important... always.

5. WALK: Travel days usually start before the sun comes up for our family so getting my normal workout routine in is just impossible. Even though I travel with Jace now I still get up & walk around. We have plenty of time to sit on the airplane. If you have a long layover take a nice walk around the airport. 

6. BE FLEXIBLE: If you are a planner like me you know change of plans can get stressful. Flying can be stressful all by itself let alone when you flight gets changed or you have to sit next to someone snoring. Thankfully, I haven't had this happen too many times, however, I have had inconveniences. It is important to stay calm & learn to go with the flow. I will be reading a lot on my kindle this trip!! You will get to your destination eventually. Be prepared to be flexible & enjoy it. 

Hope these tips help you in your future travel plans! Make eating healthy fun & exciting for your vacation! Look up great restaurants & check their menu out beforehand online. This will give you a plan before you start with that appetizer :) Take the extra few minutes it takes to plan! Tomorrow we get to fly as a family for the first time & I am so excited to have Jeremy with us! We will be loaded down with stuffed animals, Jace, stroller, Shakeology for breakfast, & our waters! 

*I will be checking out our hotels fitness center on Thursday! 

Travel smart this summer!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slim Fast vs. Shakeology Visual

Click on the photo to read details! Great info! 

If you would like to try Shakeology get in contact with me & I will get one to you! 


Be Healthy!

7 down!

7 down 19.2 to go!

You are not big steps from anything, you are only small shifts from everything.
-Keith Kochner

I am going to keep it short & sweet today. Yesterday, I built back up to 7 miles again & boy did it feel goooood! I know it probably shouldn't sound like a big deal after completing the half marathon (13.1 miles) but I am taking this training process one day at a time. I am trying not to get a head of myself & really conquer each day. 

Yesterday I talked about getting in the right mindset & I think that played a huge role in beating my goal for the 7 mile run. I had a plan before I ever stepped foot on the road. Jace was able to stay over with Mo Mo (Molly) & Ji (Jiles) while Mama went to run. Jeremy & I even discussed my goal while I was walking to start my run. He is always so encouraging! It was a great feeling to have finished under my time! I felt like I was on autopilot running without the jogging stroller!

(side note: Way to go Megan for beating her goal at 6 miles too! Also, congrats to Leslie Pelton for getting 6th overall and 1st in her age & weight division in her first 5k in 5 years! So proud of you ladies! You inspire me!)

I am looking forward to the next few weeks of training as they will be challenging! Chris told me that these next 2 weeks will give him a good idea of how strong my body is at this point! Ready to conquer the challenge!

What does your training look like this week? Would love to see how your training is going! :)

Today's tip: This is a great exercise for your glute's, hamstrings, & low back! We do this exercise with my clients! Go check it out here.

***Hoping to start sharing success on Sunday's again soon! 

Have a Super Sunday!