Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Give-A-Way:

This one's for the girls!

I am so excited to give away one of my favorite hats! I have all sorts of different styles made by my friend Becky. Go check her out here! She makes great hats for all sorts of events! I got a Padres hat made & have been hooked ever since!
 (she even makes cute little girl ones!)

Here is how you get this super cute hat:

I know a lot of you readers & clients are training for 5k's...So I am asking that you comment on today's post with the date of your run & one thing about how you plan to reach your goal. 

I want to encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zones & try something new! If you haven't planned on running/walking a 5k then maybe today is the day! I will choose the winner at random & announce on Monday who gets this super cute hat! 

(Men: comment & win the hat for your wife so she can join in on the challenge too! She will be motivated by her new hat & husband alongside her!)

This hat is such a great affirmation for reaching your goals! What an accomplishment it will be to get out & push yourself to do something out of the ordinary! Then when it's all said & done you can wear your hat proudly!

Today's Tip: During the Holiday weekend a lot of us will be spending most of our time outside. Be sure to stay hydrated. Now is the time to get your gatorade & avoid other sugary beverages! Take breaks in the shade if you feel overheated! Also, today we are having a small BBQ with a few friends & instead of major desserts we are having watermelon for our dessert! Great way to enjoy the outdoors the healthy way & for me it brings back memories as a kid on the Fourth of July!

*Thank you Pink Peacock Designs for donating to my blog!!!

Water Challenge: Don't forget that in August I will be doing an EXTRA give-a-way for meeting the water challenge! Go see the details here!

Do something fun today! It's my birthday! :)


  1. I am training to RUN my first marathon on August 27th. I have walked a lot of 5K's, but this will be my first one to run!! I am doing the Couch 2 5K program, and I am also doing P90X! I have lost about 30 lbs so far, and have about 20 lbs more to go!!

    LOVE this hat!!!

  2. My first-post-baby half marathon is Dec. 4th and that goal is followed by a full marathon before next April! Drinking my water, cross training, running, and counting calories everyday! 13lbs down, 22lbs left!

  3. Training for the Pistol Pete 5K the end of September. Trying to get my water in and walk/running the track three to four times a week.