Sunday, July 10, 2011

7 down!

7 down 19.2 to go!

You are not big steps from anything, you are only small shifts from everything.
-Keith Kochner

I am going to keep it short & sweet today. Yesterday, I built back up to 7 miles again & boy did it feel goooood! I know it probably shouldn't sound like a big deal after completing the half marathon (13.1 miles) but I am taking this training process one day at a time. I am trying not to get a head of myself & really conquer each day. 

Yesterday I talked about getting in the right mindset & I think that played a huge role in beating my goal for the 7 mile run. I had a plan before I ever stepped foot on the road. Jace was able to stay over with Mo Mo (Molly) & Ji (Jiles) while Mama went to run. Jeremy & I even discussed my goal while I was walking to start my run. He is always so encouraging! It was a great feeling to have finished under my time! I felt like I was on autopilot running without the jogging stroller!

(side note: Way to go Megan for beating her goal at 6 miles too! Also, congrats to Leslie Pelton for getting 6th overall and 1st in her age & weight division in her first 5k in 5 years! So proud of you ladies! You inspire me!)

I am looking forward to the next few weeks of training as they will be challenging! Chris told me that these next 2 weeks will give him a good idea of how strong my body is at this point! Ready to conquer the challenge!

What does your training look like this week? Would love to see how your training is going! :)

Today's tip: This is a great exercise for your glute's, hamstrings, & low back! We do this exercise with my clients! Go check it out here.

***Hoping to start sharing success on Sunday's again soon! 

Have a Super Sunday!

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