Thursday, July 14, 2011

What direction are you going in?

Yesterday we flew into Chicago at about 8:30 p.m. Jace did great on the plane but the 3 of us were exhausted. We had to get our rental car & still drive 2.5 hours to Fort Wayne. On the way out of the airport Jeremy & I were trying to find our way. We ended up taking the toll rd by accident with zero cash on us. Luckily, we made it to Fort Wayne safely, however, we had started out on the wrong track. This got my brain storming on how we have choices in life but it's never too late to turn around. Today you can change the direction you are going. Stick with me through my analogy...

As we were approaching the signs it was dark & hard to see. I was going strictly by the phone's map & it said to take the toll rd not even realizing we had zero cash handy. We had made a wrong turn & it was time to make a change in our route.

Once we got on the toll road we both realized what we had done. Bummer. We had to find a way to the freeway & get through the toll we had already approached. Thankfully, there was a place to swipe your debit card to get you through & the kind lady gave us directions to the freeway. It was scary being somewhere unfamiliar. We had no clue where we were or at least I didn't. ;) We hit a million stop signs & it felt like each of them looked the same. After about ten minutes or maybe more we reached the freeway. We had made a correction & got on to the right path. We were either going to go down the more expensive route or the free route. We chose the free route. Wouldn't you? Being healthy is way more valuable than to not be. Are you on the wrong road today? Do you need to redirect your habits? I know there are days when I get caught up in my bad habits that each day begins to look like the day before & so on. I have to stay focused on my surroundings & the decisions I am making. I have to make a plan & stick with it.... just talking about it won't get me there. Are you waiting to start being "healthy" on Monday? Don't wait until then because you have a family that needs you to be healthy today & needs you to change your direction today. You see, we were driving to Fort Wayne to meet my family who were counting on us to show up today. Jeremy's team was counting on him to pitch today. We didn't have time to waste. Maybe today is the day you are to make that change. Whatever it might be. Get started on the right direction today. It's never too late to turn around & find your way. It might be hard & seem monotonous but it's well worth it. I promise.

If you need help in finding your way to a healthier lifestyle let me know & I will be glad to help you get on the right track. Email me:

Today's tip: Do the right thing, all the time, with a smile on your face. Don't procrastinate it when you think of a task to get done on that to-do list just do it right then....even when you don't want to. It will get your day going in the right direction & you will feel so productive!

Make good choices today!

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