Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Me so hungry!


Dinner @ the Hefner's: Turkey, Bertolli sauce, & whole wheat spaghetti = yum.

Last night my husband was shocked at how fast I started dinner the minute we walked in the door. Usually, I wait around for him to get it started then jump in to fix it. Let's just say I was really hungry. I couldn't wait to eat dinner!

Normally, I am not one to eat a lot but yesterday I am thinking I went over my caloric intake goal.... at least it was healthy food I indulged in right? The past week or so my mileage has really increased in my running & it's only going up. In the next week it will significantly increase & I am somewhat anxious. Does this mean I should increase my calories? Yes, maybe a little. However, it doesn't mean I can use it as an excuse for my eating.
 I choose to still eat wise.

What are you justifying in your diet? 

80% of weight loss is in what you eat. 
What are you eating today? 

Today's Tip: Most of the time we don't realize just how much we eat in one day. It's usually shocking to most of my clients the first week they reflect on their food journal. Our lives are extremely busy & fast pace so how do we find time to keep track? It's simple. There are many different types of phone apps & websites to help you keep track of your diet. If all else fails use the good ole fashion pen & notebook! Keep track for at least a week & reflect on it. You might be surprised at how much this will help you reach your goals!

Websites & Apps I like:


Iphone app:
Fast Food
My Net Diary

Today's Run: 4 miles.
Tomorrow: 4 again 
Saturday: 7 miles! Here we go with moving on up!

Journal your food intake today!

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