Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today I am running the farthest since my half marathon. The days I have a long run or really any day for that matter it takes preparation. Not just getting my things together & making sure my ipod is charged but I have to get in the right mindset. 

I have to prepare my mind for the run before I even step foot on the road.

Running is such a mind game! I think that's why I am so addicted to it. It's a great challenge every time I lace up my shoes! Then, once I finish I feel a since of accomplishment & always have so much more energy than before the run! It reminds me of game day for my husband. The whole day he is preparing his mind for what he has to get done on the mound that night. Preparation for the mind.

Saturdays are my long runs & I consider it my version of game day. 

Today I am getting in the right mindset before I run 7 miles. The mindset I am in is one where I THINK I CAN & guess what? I'm RIGHT! Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right!!!! I choose to believe! It is so easy to let the fear & disbeliefs overtake our thoughts but today prepare to get in the right mindset before you even hit the pavement. You will feel stronger!

What kind of mindset are you in today? 

You better believe I am getting my water intake in as well! Are you? How's your water challenge coming??? 

Push yourself beyond your comfort zone today!

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