Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Travel Day Tips:

Travel Tips:

Tomorrow we leave for Fort Wayne, IN with my husband's baseball team. We will be meeting my parents there for a few days then going back with them to Oklahoma for the week. With my husbands career I have become quite the traveler. Even as a little kid I enjoyed traveling so I really don't mind. 

The hard part about traveling, especially with a little one, is staying healthy the day of flying. It sounds so much easier at 5:00 a.m. to just pick up something at the airport Startbucks or McDonald's & board your plane. What I have learned over the years is that although it might sound easier it is not. The times I have done that I felt awful the next day & felt that I needed to do an extreme detox after flying. Here are some great tips I have accumulated over the past few years of constant travel. Hope you enjoy!

Travel Tips:

1. Plan, Plan, Plan: I spend many hours staring at my clothes spread out in my bedroom the night before travel trying to pick out which outfits I will pack. As much time as I spend picking out my clothes I have found I can take 5-10 minutes planning what we will eat the next day. Pack healthy snacks if you are driving & if you are flying stop by the convenient store. Pick up water, fruit, protein bars, suckers if you have little ones, & gum. Those are must haves. Stay clear of any fast food restaurants. You want to feel energized for your trip, not sluggish.

2. Drink WATER: Drink water constantly. When I travel I tend to want to fall back into my Diet Coke days but this is NOT what needs to happen. Drinking water when you first wake up & continuously throughout your travel day will help with constipation, bloating, & fatigue! Drinking water first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism for at least a few hours! (early mornings at airport drain you, trust me!!!) Besides, we have a water challenge to meet anyway, right? :)

3. Pack MINIMUM in your carry on: Let's just say after carrying a diaper bag, completely full purse, pushing stroller, & drinks in hand I have noticed my shoulders are killing me the next day. It is important to take as least as possible through security. It will save you time & a back ache. I have narrowed our carry-on to one bag!

4. SLEEP: Make sure to get enough sleep the night before no matter how anxious you are about your trip. I usually am so anxious I don't want to even think about sleep but I have learned to read before going to sleep & that seems to help. Getting rest is important... always.

5. WALK: Travel days usually start before the sun comes up for our family so getting my normal workout routine in is just impossible. Even though I travel with Jace now I still get up & walk around. We have plenty of time to sit on the airplane. If you have a long layover take a nice walk around the airport. 

6. BE FLEXIBLE: If you are a planner like me you know change of plans can get stressful. Flying can be stressful all by itself let alone when you flight gets changed or you have to sit next to someone snoring. Thankfully, I haven't had this happen too many times, however, I have had inconveniences. It is important to stay calm & learn to go with the flow. I will be reading a lot on my kindle this trip!! You will get to your destination eventually. Be prepared to be flexible & enjoy it. 

Hope these tips help you in your future travel plans! Make eating healthy fun & exciting for your vacation! Look up great restaurants & check their menu out beforehand online. This will give you a plan before you start with that appetizer :) Take the extra few minutes it takes to plan! Tomorrow we get to fly as a family for the first time & I am so excited to have Jeremy with us! We will be loaded down with stuffed animals, Jace, stroller, Shakeology for breakfast, & our waters! 

*I will be checking out our hotels fitness center on Thursday! 

Travel smart this summer!

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