Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Silent Hills: Run #2

Yesterday's Menu: 5/30/11
Oatmeal w/ skim milk, granola, wheat germ, & 4 strawberries:
492 Calories
Chipolte Chicken Bowl w/rice, black beans, tomato & corn salsa, guacamole, & lettuce:
570 Calories
Cottage cheese w/ apple & strawberries:
260 Calories
2 Bananas:
200 Calories
1522 Calories
20 g Fiber
47 g Protein
279 Burned Calories from workout
60 ounces of water drank!!!!
*Room for improvement: Add a few more calories.

Click here to see today's workout!

Silent Hills.

I have come to notice the hills here in Tucson creep up on you. I couldn't figure out why I was struggling so much at first this morning then I realized that I was fighting gravity up a rather large hill. I have found a 6 mile loop close to our house, however, it's accompanied by quite a bit of hills: BIG hills. Trying to look forward to the challenge with an open mind! We shall see how it works out for me! Feeling anxious, excited, nervous, & still competitive about this training program I'm approaching upon. I guess it is just part of the process. Challenging myself is a bit scary yet rewarding in the end! I encourage you today to find your silent hill, believe in yourself, give it all you've got even if it takes you longer than normal, & climb it with determination!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13
Get determined!

Monday, May 30, 2011

First day out!

Day 1 run/workout: 

I ran 2.82 miles followed with abs & arms. The run was a quick run today because I am not sure what the rest of the week holds so I don't want to over do it first thing. After hurting my knee/ankle & over doing it a little too soon I figured easing into this would be a good idea until I get my schedule. After finishing my detox I feel great getting out & running!

My ankle felt great. I felt great. Weather was great. It is suppose to be a cooler day today so it was beautiful at 7 am this morning. 

The first mile was tough figuring out my pace after running on a treadmill the past week or so. Running outside is so different than running on a machine. I would much rather prefer running in fresh air than in a gym on a treadmill where all you smell is others sweat (dont get me wrong I am thankful for the treadmill when it is needed). 

Today also begins my goal to drink half my weight in ounces of water! I have had 32 already & only need 25 more to get there.... doable. I would much rather drink tea, gatorade, & one I'm not proud of... diet coke. After my detox I haven't craved it really at all though... water will do :)

Get moving!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sharing Success: Interview w/Chelsea Hartsock.

Today is a day I want to take & share with you some of the amazing successes I am blessed to a part of. Today I want to tell you a little bit about my client who has inspired me & now I don't only call her one of my clients but I can call her friend & running partner. 

Here is an interview with Chelsea Hartsock: Be inspired!

1. How much weight have you lost total to this date?
 I have lost 70 pounds since I started working out with Sarah and the girls at the end of July 2010. I feel like a completely new me! I had gotten to the point where I was really insecure and had absolutely no confidence in myself. Since taking the first steps to taking care of myself and the life God has blessed me with, I have a renewed confidence and know that I am only limited to the doubts I place in my mind.
2. What are some of the fears you had beginning this journey almost a year ago in July?
Before beginning the fitness class with Sarah and a small group of ladies, I kept telling myself I couldn't do it. I just knew that I wouldn't be able to keep up in class, would not be able to loose weight, would give up because of my insecurity, and would feel like even more of a failure than I already did. I was scared to death to walk into the gym the first day. It took a couple of weeks of class before I could vocalize the words, "I can do this." It took tears, painful bear crawls across the gym floor, TONS of encouragement from Sarah, and finding determination within myself before I knew I wasn't going to give up. 
3. What kept you going?
In the beginning, silent prayers during ab workouts, tears as I attempted to do some of the workouts, and the first couple pounds of weight loss are what kept me going. But, even more than that, what kept me going was the support I received from Sarah and the girls in class. I could not keep up with everyone else during the first few weeks and that really discouraged me for a while. Building up my confidence was a slow confidence but I did not give up because I had constant encouragement and support from the group both during and outside of class. After meeting my goals and making substantial progress I came to the realization that it was not about comparing myself to anyone else but it was about pushing myself and believing in myself every step of the way.
4. How did writing your goals down affect the outcome of them?
Writing down and working towards goals every month has made a HUGE difference to me during my journey. I was skeptical in the beginning when Sarah wanted me to turn goals into her. I was nervous because I set goals I didn't feel I could achieve as well as being afraid of being a failure if I didn't achieve them.  I voiced these concerns to Sarah and she told me they were big goals but she had no doubt that I could reach them if I tried. Every month I continued to set bigger goals for myself and with her encouragement and persistence, I was always able to meet them. I can tell that the months I do not set goals I feel that I don't have a direction to head and I find myself falling back into old habits. I would suggest that no matter what you wish to accomplish in life, set goals and make it your aim to always rise to meet them.
5. How much are you running now each week? 
On a typical week I run between 9 and 20 miles. I NEVER thought I would be able to write that statement. When Sarah took me to the rec center the first day to run she just said we would take it slow and see what I could do - I couldn't even make it half a mile. I was discouraged but she made the point that I needed to think about all the people sitting at home not giving it a shot - she said that I was ahead of them because I was trying. Those words were a huge motivation to me and I still carry them with me when I struggle on certain days.

6. Did you ever think you would become a runner?
After running my first Half Marathon on May 1st in Oklahoma City, I can officially say that I am a runner! I NEVER thought that I would or could be a runner. I was not involved in sports during high school or college and never ran voluntarily :) Running is now my escape from every day life, an excellent chance to have quiet time with Jesus, and every step I take I know I am one step closer to the healthy version of me I never thought was possible.

7. What has changed about your eating habits?
Countless people have asked me what diet I have done or if I just stopped eating altogether. My answer is no - I simply learned how to make healthy choices. I cut obvious foods out of my diet that were unhealthy and focused on lots of chicken and veggies :) There was a point where I didn't want to eat much but Sarah taught me that eating more actually made me lose more weight as long as it was the right types of food and in moderation. Now it is just simple decisions and planning throughout my day that is leading to a healthy lifestyle. One of Sarah's favorite quotes that has helped me along the way is, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." So true!

8. What moment did you start believing in yourself that this would work?
It took a while before I believed that this would work. I knew it worked for other people but my insecurity told me I couldn't do it. In all honesty, I believe the morning in class when I was finally able to do "bear crawls" not once, but twice up and down the length of the gym floor was the moment I knew I could do it! This was a huge accomplishment for me and was a big struggle in the beginning. I looked up and smiled at Sarah, for the first time without crying during this exercise, and said, "Wow. I really can do this!" Since then I have been able to believe in myself and have promised I won't give up or go back to my old lifestyle.

9. What is the one thing you want to share with others to inspire them to get moving?

"You can do anything for 15 seconds!"
I heard this phrase over and over from Sarah during workouts and I slowly realized that 15 seconds turns into 60 seconds. A 1/2 mile turns into 13.1 miles. Eventually, 13.1 miles will turn into 26.2 miles. :)
Give it a shot, get moving, and you won't regret it for a second! 

Thank you Chelsea for sharing your journey with everyone! I am so proud of you & love seeing how God is working in your life!

Here are her transformation photos:
Chelsea on right
End of July 2010
Chelsea, Sarah, & Trina (Running partners)
Finished her first 5K in September 2010
Trina, Sarah, Rachel, Chelsea
Ready for our HALF MARATHON 
May 2011
Accomplished the task!
Post Race
Chelsea & Andrew preparing for 5K
Encouraging the ones around her!
Beautiful Chelsea 70 pounds later!

Love you girl! :)
Be inspired today!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Our hats that say: I do 26.2
The affirmation taped on my bathroom mirror.
-confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment, decision, etc.

"whether you think you can or you think you can't you're right!"
-Press on Fitness

You can't have a goal without a plan & you can't have a goal without an affirmation. This is HUGE. It took me a while to really grasp this concept but over time I have really seen the difference it has made in my life & in my self confidence (which I still deal with daily). An affirmation is something where you speak as if your goal has already been reached. For example, I had a hat made for myself & running girls that says, "I do 26.2" as if we already have accomplished the marathon. Of course, we have not finished it yet, however, I see that hat everyday & it reminds me how I WILL do this. Someday I will be able to wear it out :) I also have posted a note of affirmation on my bathroom mirror. This is a place I go to every day, mulitple times a day so it's a great way to drill it in my head. 

Here are some great examples of affirmations I enjoy reading often:

I put Success into action by putting myself into action.

I do everything I need to do when I need to do it.

I never wait for someone else to motivate me.  I enjoy motivating myself, and I’m good at putting myself into action.

I read my goals daily.  I have a clear picture of my goals in my mind at all times. 

I know where I’m going and how to get there. I know what I want and how to achieve it.

I refuse to let obstacles stand in my way.

I never give up, and I never give in.  I choose to win.  I don’t stop!

Right now, at this moment, I make the choice to succeed. 

(just a few of many- write you own personal affirmations!!!)

I remember back when I was attending Miranda's bootcamps just right after having Jace & this one specific story has stuck with me. I'd like to share it with you:

A lady that was attending bootcamp shared how she has always struggled with self-esteem issues & has really made a 180 on her beliefs about herself. She said that she wanted to challenge us all with something that month. A friend had told her to go home & every day wake up, look in the mirror, & say her own name out loud while standing up straight & smiling. She said at first she laughed at her friend but then started doing it. She never realized how shy she was about saying her own name. I mean c'mon its HER name!? Well, she wanted to challenge us with that for 30 days: waking up, looking in the mirror, & saying our name out loud with pride! I took the challenge & let me tell you... I felt pretty silly at first... ok, maybe more like dumb?! But, guess what?? It worked!! Since then I share that story with each of my clients to encourage them to do the same thing. We must be confident in the person God has created us to be & proud of our name!!! 

I challenge you today to go look in the mirror & say your name with pride!!!

"I will praise you for I am fearfully & wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." 
Psalm 139:14

*tomorrow will be Sharing Success Sunday! You will be hearing from one of my clients!


-The result or achievement toward which effort is directed.
Why set goals? 

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

One thing my mentors have shared & taught me that is so key in my life today is to set goals. Not just wishing for something to happen but to have specific goals written on paper & dated. Here is an example of what I use & share with my clients. Go ahead & set some goals for yourself. 

*I do this in many different categories: Personal, fitness, spiritual,  as a family, etc.
***You can do long term (6 mon- up to 2-3 yr) & short term (30 days) goals.


Please include 1-2 goals in each category that are reachable, but challenging for this month.
Categories include: Physical, Spiritual, and Social/Emotional.
Each goal should include a Resolution- What step(s) are you taking to reach your goal; and should include an Affirmation-Writing to yourself as if you have reached your goal.
Examples are:
1. Physical
   Goal: It is July 1 and i have lost 5 lbs.
   Resolution: I have attended all fitness camp sessions
                   I am journaling what I eat and watching my portion sizes.
   Affirmation: Sarah I am so proud of you for loosing 5 lbs.  You stayed on track with your portion sizes and attended all bootcamps.  You must feel so great that you can fit back into your jeans without feeling squished. 

2. Spiritual
    Goal: It is July 1 and I have a stronger relationship with Christ.
    Resolution: I am waking up 10 min. early to read 1 chapter in the Bible
                   I am memorizing 2 scriptures for this month
    Affirmation: Sarah I know you feel more at peace.  God does not want you to worry or live in fear.  Trust in Him and know that He is in control.  Continue to read the word daily and speak positive scriptures into your life

3.  Emotional / Social
     Goal: It is July 1 and I am more confident in myself and like who i am!
     Resolution: I am speaking the Self Talk sheet daily
                     I am speaking the word of God over my mind, spirit and body
     Affirmation: Sarah, Keep going! When times have been hard, you haven't quit! you have a little more confidence in yourself and who God see you as.  You are beautiful on the inside and out.

Accomplishing any large task is tiring. There are always pressures that foster discouragement- the task seems impossible, it can never be finished, or too many factors are working against us. The only cure for fatigue & discouragement is focusing on God’s purposes. Nehemiah reminded the workers of their calling, their goal, & God’s protection. If you are overwhelmed by an assignment, tired, & discouraged, remember God’s purpose for your life & his special purpose for the project.  -Nehemiah 4:14
Current goals:

1. To complete the White Rock Marathon under 3:50.
Resolution: I will follow my training schedule accordingly & eat like a runner.
Affirmation: I am SO proud of you for believing in yourself & not giving up! You are a great example to the ones around you! Keep on keepin on!!!

2. To drink half my weight in ounces of water everyday.
Resolution: I will mark my calendar to keep track & I will have a water bottle with me at all times. I will not order anything but water at restaurants. No excuses.
Affirmation: You feel so much better now that you are properly hydrated! Who knew you could feel this good?! Way to go! 

Go for it! 


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Because my training doesn't officially start until Monday I thought I would use these next few days to talk about some key points on staying healthy. 
Today: Cleansing.

Do you ever feel tired? Overweight? Bloated? Dehydrated??? Breaking out?
Most probably can answer yes to at least one of those. Those are toxins!!!

I feel that it is so important to cleanse your body. From the busyness of lifestyle today, less sleep, fast food, & even the air we breathe we are bound to need a good cleanse. We are exposed to so many toxins that get in the way of losing weight or just maintaining weight & having energy. Toxins are anything that causes a negative affect on your body.

So what does a cleanse actually do? 

No, it does not cause you to camp out in your bathroom for a week, however, it does clean your system out. It is getting rid of toxins while eating clean foods so that you stop craving the bad foods. It helps you with your energy level, weight loss, aging, etc. When I talk about this I always think about that old commercial where everyone is what they eat... remember? Everyone has big donuts around their waste?? You are what you crave. So true. When you cleanse you get rid of those bad toxins that cause those cravings & start replacing them with the clean foods. Maybe if we did a commercial on cleansing everyone would be broccoli??? Towards the end & especially after the cleanse you begin to realize that you don't crave well for me.. donuts, diet coke, bread, chick-fil-a just to name a few :) The first few days you might have a headache because you body is in shock & trying to get rid of those toxins but usually by 3rd & 4th day you start to feel GREAT!  You are suppose to cleanse your body at least twice a year.... when was the last time you have done a detox/cleanse? 

(Note: Best time to do a cleanse is before starting a workout program. Also, be sure to consult a doctor if you are unsure on your health conditions in order to do a cleanse)

Here is a list of the cleanses I have done in the past:

*One way to help your body cleanse daily is to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water. This will also help you lose weight & will keep you hydrated properly. 

Arbonne's 7-day Detox:  (lost 5-8 pounds each time)

Advocare's 10-day Herbal Cleanse: (lost 5-8 pounds each time)

21-day Cleanse: Put together by a nutritionist along w/Arbonne Products. (lost 12 pounds) (I am allowed to share with others so feel free to ask for this in an email) 

***Please contact me if you would like to order one of the cleanses & I will be glad to help you get it ordered!

Get cleansing!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My almost every morning breakfast.

Oatmeal & Fast Twitch Power workout drink

Oatmeal Ingredient:
-Cup of oatmeal
-Skim milk
-Cascadian Farm Organic Granola (sprinkled on top)
-Wheat Germ
-Strawberries (usually any fruit we have at the time: berries are best!)

Fast Twitch Drink: You can find this at any GNC store.

*I also like to drink Spark by Advocare & Arbonne's Energy Tabs
I usually go through a phase & have to keep switching them around.

I have this probably 90% of the time for breakfast. The other 10% I splurge & have a donut!!! YES, I not only like donuts I love them so I have to keep myself in moderation. 

Workouts start next week! Yikes!

Get energized! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here it goes!

Here goes nothing! 

Welcome to my blog in training... training for marathons that is! I get so many questions on what I eat, how I stay in shape, etc. so I thought this would be a great way to share information to encourage you & hold myself accountable! Feel free to ask questions or leave comments after each post! I hope to read them & reply quickly to each one of you. My goal is to post something everyday about health & fitness as if I was logging my food journal & workouts on paper. I will keep posting on our family blog, however, I hope to keep it about our family's journey. This is a great way to dig deep into what I am feeling as I train for marathons. 

(Sarah Grace)