About Me.

A glimpse into my personal world:

I grew up as an athlete. My dad is a college softball coach & I enjoyed being apart of mulitple different sports: Softball, Basketball, Track, & Dance. Growing up it was natural for me to be in shape & healthy because I had to. Now that I have my own family I have found myself easily missing the motivation to keep going so I longed to make a change. I began this journey to be fit in every area of my life over a year ago just 4 weeks after my son Jace was born. Since then I have grown a passion to help other women enjoy being healthy in all aspects of life. Today, I currently own my own business as a personal trainer, I am wife, a mommy, & I continue to train for marathons. I want to share with you what I am passionate about & how you too can make a lifelong  change to be healthy inside & out. 


What I want this blog to be about:
* Being brutally honest with you about my struggles & encouraging you with my strengths.
*I long to inspire you other momma's out there that you can do it too!
* Sharing with you my journey in training for marathons.
* Updates on what God is doing in our life as a family.
* Encourage you to get moving.
*Sharing God's word.
* Show you how you can do this in the simplicity of your own home.
* Share daily tips.
* Prove ANYONE can make a change.
* Share experiences of my clients on their journey.
* Express how being fit can overflow into every area of your life.

Week after Jace was born. 2010

One year later.