Thursday, May 26, 2011


Because my training doesn't officially start until Monday I thought I would use these next few days to talk about some key points on staying healthy. 
Today: Cleansing.

Do you ever feel tired? Overweight? Bloated? Dehydrated??? Breaking out?
Most probably can answer yes to at least one of those. Those are toxins!!!

I feel that it is so important to cleanse your body. From the busyness of lifestyle today, less sleep, fast food, & even the air we breathe we are bound to need a good cleanse. We are exposed to so many toxins that get in the way of losing weight or just maintaining weight & having energy. Toxins are anything that causes a negative affect on your body.

So what does a cleanse actually do? 

No, it does not cause you to camp out in your bathroom for a week, however, it does clean your system out. It is getting rid of toxins while eating clean foods so that you stop craving the bad foods. It helps you with your energy level, weight loss, aging, etc. When I talk about this I always think about that old commercial where everyone is what they eat... remember? Everyone has big donuts around their waste?? You are what you crave. So true. When you cleanse you get rid of those bad toxins that cause those cravings & start replacing them with the clean foods. Maybe if we did a commercial on cleansing everyone would be broccoli??? Towards the end & especially after the cleanse you begin to realize that you don't crave well for me.. donuts, diet coke, bread, chick-fil-a just to name a few :) The first few days you might have a headache because you body is in shock & trying to get rid of those toxins but usually by 3rd & 4th day you start to feel GREAT!  You are suppose to cleanse your body at least twice a year.... when was the last time you have done a detox/cleanse? 

(Note: Best time to do a cleanse is before starting a workout program. Also, be sure to consult a doctor if you are unsure on your health conditions in order to do a cleanse)

Here is a list of the cleanses I have done in the past:

*One way to help your body cleanse daily is to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water. This will also help you lose weight & will keep you hydrated properly. 

Arbonne's 7-day Detox:  (lost 5-8 pounds each time)

Advocare's 10-day Herbal Cleanse: (lost 5-8 pounds each time)

21-day Cleanse: Put together by a nutritionist along w/Arbonne Products. (lost 12 pounds) (I am allowed to share with others so feel free to ask for this in an email) 

***Please contact me if you would like to order one of the cleanses & I will be glad to help you get it ordered!

Get cleansing!!!!!!


  1. I would love the 21 day cleanse emailed to me that uses Arbonne products! My email is
    You are very inspiring! I am training for a 1/2 in August, and have been pushing an extra 70 pounds in a running stroller (a 21 month old and a 4 year old). It has been a great workout, and THANKFULLY my son loves to run (the 4 yr old), so he will hop out at times and run! Gotta love active kids!!

    Lesley King

  2. Sending it your way!:-) I am impressed with your running & pushing your kids! My son who is 14 months old is pretty heavy so I can imagine 2 kids are even more! Keep it up!!!! Thanks for sharing & for reading my blog!

  3. I, too, would like the info on the 21 day cleanse!
    My email is
    I'm not training for any specific event...yet! I'm just trying to get back in shape and healthy. In the past 3 years, I've had 4 abdominal surgeries (I was truly sick; not the weight-loss kind) and my body seems to be in shock and wanting to hang on to every ounce of fat it can get! I used to dance and run long distance...back in the old days!
    Thank you!