Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My almost every morning breakfast.

Oatmeal & Fast Twitch Power workout drink

Oatmeal Ingredient:
-Cup of oatmeal
-Skim milk
-Cascadian Farm Organic Granola (sprinkled on top)
-Wheat Germ
-Strawberries (usually any fruit we have at the time: berries are best!)

Fast Twitch Drink: You can find this at any GNC store.

*I also like to drink Spark by Advocare & Arbonne's Energy Tabs
I usually go through a phase & have to keep switching them around.

I have this probably 90% of the time for breakfast. The other 10% I splurge & have a donut!!! YES, I not only like donuts I love them so I have to keep myself in moderation. 

Workouts start next week! Yikes!

Get energized! 

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