Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family First.

Today I slept in & skipped my early morning run. It was hard for me to say no to running this morning with the smell of rain & knowing it was going to be a cool morning. The reason I slept in is in my picture up above.... Mr. Jace. He is also my why. He is part of the reason I step foot on the pavement every single day & strive to be better. Today getting better meant sleeping in & getting my rest. 

Rest is so important & I think we all take it too lightly sometimes. I know I do. Jacer hasn't been feeling well since yesterday & in order to take care of him (my first priority) I needed my sleep. I believe today that he was way more important than enjoying the smell of wonderful rain at 6 a.m., however, I will still get my running in today.... it just will have to be later. 

Don't get me wrong.... I believe as momma's we need our escape & for me that is my running. Today I needed to be flexible & show my son that his momma would be there for him to take care of him & if that means rearranging my workout then thats the least I could do. 

Sometimes your kiddos just need you & your days plans might change but remember... family first!

Today's Tip: Instead of handing your kids over to your husband or to a babysitter to get your workout in this week choose to include them in your workout. Make it a time to bond once a week outdoors playing or going for a nice evening walk/jog. Spending quality time with your little ones is so important! Show them love & how staying fit is important!

Momma's: take care of the ones you love!

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