Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fitness (Friday) Saturday

Fitness Friday Saturday:

A day to be inspired!

Stacey Myers:
My inspiration for the week was simply to being"swimsuit ready" for a mini vaca to San Antonio. :) Happy Fitness!

Megan Armstrong:
Getting this much done by 7:00 a.m. inspires me to keep getting up early & beating the sun!

Sarah Grace Hefner:
I was inspired by these two this week. Megan & Brandon Armstrong 
(sister & brother-in-law). Us 3 ran 8 miles this morning together. Megan had a baby just 3.5 months ago! They inspire me!

Leslie Pelton:
My aunt PD. Staying up with her is next to impossible. Hoping to be half as fit as she is when I am her age. She rocks!!

Jill Schimdt:
Getting new shoes is always inspiring!

Thanks to all who read & share on my blog! I am inspired by all of you! 
Happy weekend!


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