Friday, July 15, 2011

Fitness Friday:

Fitness Friday: 
The day of the week when we all get together to share photos that represent what motivated us this week in hope's to in return motivate you! 


Megan Armstrong:

Always remember your goals!

Leslie Pelton:

These used to be my “skinny” capris. I put them on Monday and now they are my big and baggy capris. YEAH!!! 

I bought some new sunglasses to run in.  And now that I think about it, this might have been a silly purchase considering all my running is done before daylight thanks to this heat.

 I ran my first 5K in over 5 years last Saturday and placed 1st in my age group and even though it was a small race, it definitely helped push me out of bed early this week.

Kimberlee Francis:

My dad is not one to give compliments! In fact, he points out every gray hair I have! However, the other day he told me I looked toned! That drives me to keep pressing on!

Chelsea Hartsock:

My small group from church went to Joplin to help clean up & demolition. It was a great two day physical workout as well as being an opportunity to spiritually invest in the lives of people who had their world shattered. 
God's hand was written all over the restoration.

Alexis Robertson:

Bleachers: Right now we have a love/hate relationship, but I trust you're going to make me a better person one day. Being willing is not enough, you have to be a doer!

Sarah Hefner:

I was reminded how important my health is this week... all areas of "health".
I want to grow old with the man I love. 
That drives me to be healthy in all areas of life. 

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