Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi there, beautiful!


you are beautiful.

I just need to be very blunt with you today. The scales can just be plain cruel. It doesn't matter if you have 100 pounds to lose to meet your "goal" or if you gained just 5 pounds over the weekend... it's still cruel. Why is that? 

I believe we let the scale control our belief system. If it's what we want it to say then we are happy & if we come up short after stripping every piece of clothing just to "make sure" it doesn't add anything extra we are disappointed & it ruins our whole day. I know this because I too experience these feelings. You see, as women we fluctuate weight throughout the month and we tend to let the scale control our beliefs. Today I want to encourage you to throw the results of the scale out the window... why you ask?
 Because, you are beautiful! It doesn't matter what the scale says for me to know that you are beautiful. God's word says you are & that is way more valuable than a number on a scale. 

Fluctuating weight can be frustrating & honestly I get frustrated with myself when I am on the higher end of my 5 pound fluctuation. I believe we shouldn't let "water weight", the "time of the month", or a "get-a-way weekend" weigh-in results dictate our day.
Today I choose to believe I am beautiful & I hope you will too. So, please, join me in throwing those results out the window & put a smile on your face because you just conquered a big fat lie that sometimes those scales try to persuade us with daily. 

Today's Tip: Limit yourself to weighing in only once a week. As women we really do fluctuate & honestly it's O.K. as long as you keep consistent with your good habits.  Sticking to once a week the same time every week will give you an accurate result. Also, as most of you probably already know it's best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning. It's called your "true weight" :)

Be self-disciplined & keep it down to once a week! It will do your mind some good!

Marathon Training Update:
Marathon training has been still kickin. I am working to finish strong this week as it's my week that pushes me way beyond my comfort zone. Yesterday's travels back to AZ threw my body out of whack but I am feeling good today. I have 7 miles to run today, 4 tomorrow, & 9 MILES on Saturday. I will finish. I am stretching, icing, & eating properly to keep healthy. I am telling you my plan so that you can hold me accountable. If you don't see my DailyMile posts these next few days feel free to question me on it because I could use the accountability! ;)

I believe in you!

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