Friday, July 1, 2011

Fitness Friday:


First off, I want to tell you how excited I am to have everyone sending in pictures for Fitness Friday! What a great way to inspire one another! I also wanted to tell you that I got ahead of myself & the give-a-way should be on Monday but in honor of my birthday on Sunday I think I will post it then! So, with that being said.... Come back Sunday for a give-a-way of one of my favorite things! I am excited to share it with you!!

Fitness Friday Friends:

Ashley Dunton:

Her inspiration is  picture of lily (running partner), new shoes & beautiful running trail.

Megan Armstrong:

Morning jog with my 3-month-old-personal-trainer!
The first step is getting off the couch and start moving! Find your inspiration and just go for it!

Leslie Pelton:

It's cliche, I know, but this magazine give me the inspiration to continue to improve my fitness & reach my goals. It's not so much about the article but the fact that I get it in the mail every month. I realize I didn't subscribe to this, but that it has my name & address on it, & it started coming about the time I started working out again. So someone out there knew that I was ready to get going & might need a little push to keep going some days. I've reviewed the usual list of suspects that would do this type of thing for me & not one of them is confessing to it. But never mind that! Just knowing that someone else thinks enough of me to send me a magazine anonymously helps me keep focused. So, whoever you are, thanks a million! (I like Runner's World too)

Stacey Myers:

My PR for 2 miles (if only I had a thermometer on my watch as well and it would be even more impressive)! The heat is really taking a toll on my motivation but I always feel better and more energized after pushing through. 

Chris Kelly:

"Focus here on the white numbers. The top left cell was my first workout (212). The bottom left is my most recent total from today (280). When I first started Ab Ripper, I was a joke. I never thought I'd get close to 300. Nearly there!"

Kimberlee Francis:

My inspiration is you! You have never pushed me into exercising just enouraged me along the way! Thanks for helping to empower me!! 
(humbled & honored to share this!)

Rhonda Layton:

Knowing my 7-yr old has nearly the same size feet as me! Don't waste a precious moment in life!

Sarah Hefner: 

His sweet little grin motivates me everyday to give it all I've got in all that I do. Marking off my calendar for my running schedule is so motivating, especially after reflecting a months worth of work! I wear this bracelet when I workout & go about my day to remind me the power-of-the-cross! It shows me that with God's strength I can do what he has called me to do....whether it be running or parenting. Thank you Jesus for the cross! 
(The Marathon Mommy)

Thanks everyone! Be inspired today! Happy Weekend!

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