Saturday, July 9, 2011

Staying in Shape.

As you all know I have taken a lot of preparation into training for my marathon & still have a ways to go. After hanging up with a sweet friend & discussing our thoughts on fitness & ministry I began to have a verse laid on my heart that opened up a few topics I want to share.

One thing I know is that we never arrive here on earth. Until I reach the gates of heaven I will work... work for the Lord that is. Through that I will continue to grow & walk with Him. It's a never ending process. There is no christian or spiritual leader that has made it. We must work on & grow in our relationship with him every single day of our life. 

We must stay in shape spiritually.

After reading the verse 1 Corinthians 9:24-25 it reminded me of my training for my marathon & the similarities. I am planning, working, focusing, & giving my full effort into training for this marathon every single day in hopes that at the end I have accomplished what I set out to do. Some days are harder than others & some days I just want to quit. I choose not to let those things get me down & stay focused on what I have set out to do. I must train daily to stay in shape in order to finish the race. What about our walk with the Lord? Are we doing what we are set out to do? Are we staying focused on Him?  Training daily? Some days aren't easy but he didn't promise us that it'd be easy, he just promised he'd be with us! 

This hit home to me.

 To me my marathon medal represents reaching eternity. A marathon training is an example of what my walk with Christ should look like. Daily in the word, studying, ready to take on daily challenges. We are called to train for eternity. To wake up, pick up our cross, & run the long-term race Christ has set out for us to do throughout our life. He has already made the way.... we just have to follow. In a marathon they already have the route set out for you. You already know where to run but you must train properly in order to be able to run it. Staying in shape throughout the training process is key. Same with our walk with Christ. In order to walk with him we must train daily to be able to follow close to Him. Staying in shape with Christ. Make sense? 

(sometimes I ramble & just pray I am making my point come across clearly)

I know when I miss a few days of running I struggle the next time I get back out there. It's a daily effort to stay in shape.

I know when I am not continually in His word & more focused on me I am out of shape in my spiritual race.

I pray that each day I train properly for my marathon & for eternity. I have not arrived anywhere but I will arrive someday when I am at the feet of Jesus.

How are you running your race? What does your training look like? Are you studying, growing, praying, serving? I am humbled today & ready to train better for eternity.

I must stay in shape physically, spiritually, & emotionally.

Today's tip: Spend some time in the God's word before you go out for your next run & while you are running pray about what you just read. This is a great time to just be silent & hear him speak to your heart. I love it. 

Stay in shape in your spiritual walk! If you don't know what that looks like get in contact with me & I will help you learn how get in shape spiritually! God doesn't need your abilities, he just needs a willing heart!

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