Friday, August 12, 2011

Time Flies.


Lately I have felt that the days just get away from me way too fast as if time really does fly.

I realize today is Friday again & I have forgotten to remind everyone to email me their Fitness Friday photos. I realize that the kitchen is a disaster & the laundry is piled up way too high.... (my mother would kill me if she saw our house, ha!) I realize that there are toys everywhere because we are constantly tripping over them. I realize I have a pile of mail to be sent out. I realize Jeremy just left for 8 whole days & I'm pretty bummed he is gone. I realize a lot of things need to be done & trust me its pretty obvious when you walk into our apartment that I need to get busy.... but what I think I need to realize today is that even though all those things seem to get away from me that they are the least bit important when it comes to taking care of my son & being Jeremy's wife. You see, those things are just things that need to be done & today I will get them done, however, I will not let my blood pressure get too high thinking about them because I have a little boy in my arms who thinks I am pretty much awesome & I have a husband who is thousands of miles away yet he loves me more than anyone could possibly love me. Today I have health & am so thankful God has allowed me to stay healthy. I pray that even though we might be a messy family sometimes (maybe more than I'd like to admit) that we stay a healthy one: Physically, spiritually, & emotionally

I encourage you today to not let your blood pressure get too high about things that are just things & focus on what really is important... Love on the ones around you because your day will start to get away from you & your mess will still be there tomorrow to be picked up but your loved ones need your love today. Don't fret about what you ate yesterday or what you allowed your kids to eat this past week because you have been so busy but instead enjoy today by making healthy choices.... together. Go play at the park & talk about how thankful you are that you are able to do so.... There are so many kids who don't have the privileges our kids have today or parents who have the time or health to take them. 

I guess my point today is to just be thankful & live in the moment... Don't waste your time complaining about the things that are just things... My days can get away from me & today I choose to be with whoever I am talking to or whatever I am doing. Life is too short not to...

Today's Tip: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Ok... not really.. but eating an apple does suppresses your appetite and helps control your blood sugar! Enjoy an apple today!
Jace loves apples!

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law & sweet friend: Megan Armstrong!!!!!

Take a deep breathe & enjoy your day!

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