Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why eat breakfast?


Why eat breakfast?

I get asked a lot about what to eat & how many calories you should have for each meal.... My response? Always make breakfast your larger meal. Why? Statistics show that people (mainly women) who eat a big breakfast have a lower BMI & are much leaner. 

Not everyone will start out by waking up craving breakfast, however, if you start now you will surprise yourself on how much you look forward to that bowl of oatmeal or whatever you wish to eat for breakfast. I haven't always been this way. There were times I could skip breakfast almost everyday but I have trained my body to fuel up in the mornings which allows better choices throughout the day. 

What to look for in breakfast food:

If you aren't a huge fan of breakfast food that is ok... don't rule yourself out yet. You can have a wrap, peanut butter jelly sandwich, etc. Find something you like that is a healthy alternative to a high sugar breakfast. The main thing is to stabilize your blood sugar & get your metabolism going first thing in the morning. 

Focus on eating whole grains, low-fat protein, & some fruits. I personally love my oatmeal, however, not everyone loves oatmeal like I do... 
Here are some great breakfast ideas:

1. Oatmeal w/skim milk, flaxseed, granola, & berries (my all time fave)
2. 2 Eggs, turkey sausage, & fruit
3. Whole grain english muffin w/natural peanut butter
4. Apple, peanut butter,  & whole wheat toast
5. Eggs, whole wheat pita, & salsa

These are just a few ideas but play around to see what works best for you! If you feel you are more hungry throughout the day after eating breakfast don't fret... it just means you are burning calories & your metabolism is increasing. 

Try making it a priority to eat breakfast. I promise your body will thank you throughout the day!

Saturday's Exercise Tip: We are still working on the videos so until then Saturday's exercise tips will be put on hold! Looking forward to sharing with you!

Happy Weekend!

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