Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogging Goals:


Blogging Goals:

The past week I have been contemplating on what direction to take my blog... I desire to help you get fit in every area of your life & inspire you through my strengths and my struggles. I want to share with you a few specific goals that I want to accomplish with my blog. Please hold me accountable! 

Goal #1 : To educate you with basics tools in running & exercise. 
Resolution: I will share a video every Saturday morning with a key exercise you can incorporate into your workouts. Come back later today for this week's exercise!

Goal #2: Every Friday will be Fitness Friday & through each other's photos we will inspire one another to keep moving! 
Resolution: I will send out emails, tweets, & fb status reminders so that everyone can be included in Fitness Friday. I will also remind you throughout the week on my blog! All you have to do is send me a photo of something that represents what motivated you this week to keep moving and why it motivated you! I will post by noon on Friday!

Goal #3: I want to share the successes of others on my blog. 
Resolution: I will have a guest blogger or "interview blog" on Sundays at least 2x/month.
(if you would like to share one of your accomplishments or have something you'd like to share on my blog please feel free to email me @

Goal #4: To share some of my favorite things! 
Resolution: The first Monday of every month I will be GIVING AWAY one of my favorite things. It will be a variety of things! You can read more about this here.

Goal #5: To continually grow personally in physical & spiritual health in order to inspire you the best I can. 
Resolution: I will share one daily tip with you on one of the following areas: physical, spiritual, or emotional health. They will usually be something I have learned recently or been reminded of that day as well.... I will continue my goal to have a quiet time each day in order to grow the way God desires & be open to what he has to teach me. 

I will do my best to keep these goals! Every goal should have a date... so, I am dating these goals! I will be consistent with these goals until January 1, 2012 where I will re-evaluate my blogging goals

Set some goals today & share them with others! 
If you would like to share your goals on my blog feel free to comment on today's post! If you comment with your goal & it's date you could win a FREE Shakeology Sample along with a Shakeology workout dvd! 

Better get going on setting those goals!


  1. Thanks for sharing your blogging goals Sarah. I am inspired to write some for myself. On my blog I would like to write:
    Music Monday
    Tuesday's Thoughts
    Weighty Wednesday
    Red Thread Thursday (Biblical insights)
    Fitness Friday (update on my fitness goals/plans, hope it is ok to steal that one from you on the Friday theme.

    Write, inspire change, and share. That is what God has called me to do. Thank you for your thoughts and goals!

  2. I just started a blog for my son, so my goal is to write him a letter each month, and at the end of each year, but it all in a book, so that one day he can read them and see all his pictures and what he did each month of his life!!

    LOVE this blog!!! Thanks for all the ideas and encouragements!!