Friday, August 19, 2011

Fitness Friday!

Fitness Friday: A day to inspire.

Sarah Hefner:
Fist pumps, high-fives, & support from my 2 swim coaches: Crissy & Jace. 

Stacey Myers:
New home with all new trails to see. :)

Jeremy Hefner:
These two people inspire me to be the best dad/husband/christian/baseball player I can be. They are the loves of my life & the reason I do what I do!

Trina Wickham:
They inspire me to be the best woman, mother, wife, & to be what God sees in me!

Chelsea Hartsock:
Yesterday was my first day as a teacher! I am so excited to see each of my students grow this year, and I will be growing right beside them. Today we wrote our class creed to remind others who we are & for you to remember our motto: "Even little stars can light up the darkness." :-)

What inspires you to get moving?

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