Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trip to the store:


You know you are a mom when you get excited about fresh produce at the grocery store! 

Jace & I like to make our weekly (sometimes daily) trips to the grocery store together. I never realized how much I would enjoy buying groceries. It must be something that comes naturally as a momma or is it? I know a lot of moms who dislike even thinking about the grocery store. I tend to enjoy it & look forward to our little trip to the store. Part of my enjoyment could come from the fact its somewhere besides the baseball field we can go & get away here in Tucson. Every Tuesday there is a Farmer's Market that comes just around the corner from where we live & sometimes we even stop in there to see what goodies they might have. 

I guess my true motherly instincts are coming out & my adventure for the day is a trip to our local grocery store to see just what they have on sale! I love opening our fridge to fresh fruit & veggies! I wouldn't trade taking care of my boys for anything & thank God everyday he has allowed me to do so. 

What is your motherly instinct this summer?

Today's Tip: I found these on Pinterest (one of my favorite sites!) & def going to try this for this fall! They are made out of old T-shirts! 

 Go check out these simple produce bags:

Click here for instructions! Cute blog too!

Making grocery shopping fun this week & don't forget to stay on the outside aisles!

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