Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday's Guest: Crissy Perham


One sweet family...

I have been blogging about my swimming lessons with Crissy & couldn't help but ask her to be a guest on my blog. I have been so honored to her "student" & to get to know her on a personal basis. She currently works at the Kino Stadium where my husband is playing this season, although, she has definitely become my friend. I hope I am half as "fit" as she is when I am her age! Here are a few questions we put together for you :) 

Be inspired by a Mom, Wife, Friend, & Athlete (Olympian at that): Crissy Perham

1. How has being a successful athlete over the years carried over into staying in shape as a mom & wife? 

-I've stayed in shape for several reasons. My parents were great examples to my brother, Matt, and I. I think it's also important that I'm a good example to my kids, but also to people who look at me as "Olympian". I have a really active husband and active kids, so we do a lot of things together. I have to keep up! And lastly, I like to workout because it makes me feel good, I love seeing my friends and I know I'm taking good care of myself.

2. Your schedule can get pretty busy being a mom to 2 boys & working.... How do you battle the nutrition side of things? 

-Oh...tough question. I don't limit myself too much. I like to eat and can eat a lot, so I just am choosy about what I put in my mouth. I'm a Rotarian, which means luncheons every Wednesday. I ALWAYS eat my salad and my veggies! That's how I can rational eating the yummy cookies each Wednesday, too! 

3. What is your favorite workout besides swimming?

-I LOVE TO BOX!!! I really love my boxing coaches and the people who go to the classes. I even go boxing with my oldest son, Alex, and Ryan takes boxing classes, too. It's important for me to have some entertainment and get my sweat on!

4. I have been around you for a few months now & love your constant positive attitude! What keeps you in a steady positive mindset?

-You are so sweet to say that! I do try to be positive. Fake it til ya make it sometimes. I think I just really enjoy what I do and the people I'm around. That keeps me in a good mood! And I'm a pretty happy person, generally. When I get down, which everyone does at one time or another, I find someone I can talk to, either my husband, Charlie, or a friend, and we "solve the world's problems". 

5. What is one piece of advice you would give all the momma's out there looking to get fit in every area of life? 

 -I know you've added this to your blog recently, but make time. I try to remember, when I'm feeling guilty or tired or crabby, that just like on an airplane...put the mask on yourself before you try to help others. I'm no good to anyone if I'm not taking care of myself. Easier said than done, but I keep trying! One last what you love and do it for yourself!

Thank you Crissy for being an inspiration to so many & for taking the time to be a guest on my blog! 

Today's Tip: Like yogurt? Try Greek Yogurt! It has twice as much protein as regular yogurt & is loaded with probiotics to help your digestive system! Mix it with granola & it tastes yummy! 

Be inspired this week!

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