Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Your Baby Can Read: Step 1.

Step 1.

As a family we have decided to take on the adventure to do the Your Baby Can Read program with Jace. I have heard nothing but good things about this program & couldn't wait to get going with our lil man! I want to blog updates on each step periodically to allow you to see the progress we are making & see that this program does work!

As a family we feel it is important to not only exercise our bodies but to exercise our minds too! 

2 weeks ago we started out watching the Step 1 DVD 2x/day & doing flash cards at least once a day. We try to watch the DVD after breakfast & lunch while Jace is sitting in his highchair. It allows him to be able to focus on the words throughout the movie. At first I wasn't sure if the movie was helping much because he wasn't too interested, however, after incorporating the flash cards too I have noticed a huge difference! 

We do the flash cards in the afternoon together before nap time. Again, I put him in his high chair so that I can have his full attention (which doesn't last too long). He has really surprised us so far!!! 

Here are a few words that he can read off of the flashcards:


*He doesn't usually say them all in the same setting but over the past few days he has recognized each of these. He is also doing motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider song on the DVD while watching the words on the screen. His favorite word on the DVD is tiger. 

I cannot wait to see what else he learns from this program. If you have been on the fence about getting it I encourage you to take the jump & go get it! It's definitely worth the money! It's a great way to spend some quality time together.... learning!

Today's Fitness Tip: Read this article on 5 tips for perfect posture. Posture plays a huge role in preventing injury & can even allow you to look thinner!!! Who doesn't want to do that? :) Go check it out here.

*Cooking Challenge: Who is trying a new healthy recipe this week??? 

Learn something new as a family today!

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