Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Rest is the best medicine.

The past few days I have felt my body trying to get sick on me... I have been battling it until it finally won yesterday. I have always been semi good about taking my vitamins but one thing I tend to lack in is in rest. I always think about resting but never really actually sit down & rest. My husband will be the first one to tell you I am not good at just completely relaxing. I always have to be doing something.

Last night I chose to rest.... to really rest. We spent the evening at home & literally did nothing. It was awesome to say the least. Jace & I got us a Redbox movie (The Little Engine That Could) and just chilled. It felt so good to not worry about my "to-do list" & just enjoy the company of my son. Last night I went to bed before 11:00 p.m., this is huge for our baseball schedule. Bed time for us is usually around midnight during baseball season. 

Rest is so important!

Today is a cross-training day for me & I will be taking it easy. I am going to spend 30  minutes on the bike, stretch, & call it a day. I am praying that I feel back to my old self soon, however, I think my body could use the extra rest. 

How much rest are you getting? Are you like me & constantly "doing" something even when you are resting? Try to simply put the computer down, phone on silent, grab a blanket, & rest sometime today. Rest is important for your mind & body. Just do it... everything on your list will still be there after you have rested. 

Today's Tip: Choose the stairs over the escalator!!! New study shows you can benefit from at least 15 minutes of exercise a day! Click here to read the article from Good Morning America!

***Winner of the WATER CHALLENGE: Megan Armstrong! You have done so well on your mission-get-your-body-back! So proud of you! I will put your gift in the mail asap!

I want to encourage everyone to KEEP drinking your water! 

Rest then... get moving! :)

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