Monday, August 8, 2011



I remember the days as a dancer when I would learn a new dance routine & have to practice over & over again just to get it right. During summer camp we would stay up all night repeating the same 8 counts over & over so that we would be sure to get blue ribbons on the last day when we performed what we had learned all week. Sometimes we would learn 3 or 4 dances at a time. I loved the challenge but I constantly had to practice. I would practice so much that the routine just came naturally to me by Saturday morning when the pressure was on me to perform. I believe that in order to accomplish any goal we must practice & practice so much it becomes natural.

Yesterday I conquered one of my physical goals. I did 40 push-ups in a row & now my goal is 50.  It felt so good & guess what? It has motivated me to set new goals, try new things, & continue to grow physically as well as spiritually. Don't underestimate yourself & definitely don't underestimate our God. If he has laid it on your heart to go after something he will give you all the steps you need in order for it to be accomplished. Whatever the need might be He will provide. 

You just have to practice....

In order to accomplish my goal of doing 40 push-ups in a row I had to consistently do push-ups on a daily basis. I had to practice & build up strength just like I did as a dancer. With every push-up I did each day I got that much stronger. Rep by rep my muscles built stamina & strength. Yesterday after a lot of practice in the previous months I did what I set out to do & it was much easier under the pressure knowing I had built the strength to finish. I believe that if we consistently put our heart & soul into practicing our quiet time in God's word we will build spiritual strength in order to accomplish what He has in store for us. When I do my push-ups I am building my strength, when I use to dance I remembered the steps, but when I have a quiet time in His word He is building my strength through His spirit so that it would come naturally to me & through that anything is possible.  

We all have places in our lives where we need to grow in our spiritual strengths... myself included. I pray that today we all will practice in His word & continue to build up strength to bring Glory to His name! Allow God to pour His strength into you!

 Just like when I use to dance & the steps would come naturally to me under pressure His word should come naturally to you in time's of pressure & give you the strength you need to finish...

Today's Tip: (from my husband) When doing push-ups keep your head up. This will help you keep good form & go all the way down to the floor. 

Here is a video of me doing my push-ups the 2nd time around: 
(forgive the homemade video taping!)

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