Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today's post is a little different... Todays topic: Inspiration.

I have a deep desire to share with other women about true self-worth in which I am learning everyday. I have a desire to encourage women to live a healthy lifestyle that glorifies God. I have a deep desire to be authentic & yet inspiring. 

About 3 years ago God laid on my heart a passion that is developing more & more each day. Along with that passion he gave me the desire to want to put it in writing. Today, I long to put words into sentences that fit nicely onto pages of a book. I long for women to find that when they flip through the pages they are not only seeing the real me but they are inspired by the words neatly put in order for a purpose. 

I have no idea where I will start or what the next step will look like, however, I do know God is shaping me in order to make this burden on my heart real. I am overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, excitement, joy, & I am extremely humbled. God is revealing things that are somewhat yucky yet useful. Humbling yet exalting. 

I am inspired to inspire.

What are you inspired to do?

p.s. I will continue to update you on the steps I am taking in order to fulfill this desire.

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