Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Favorite Give-A-Way: RoadID

Drum role please......

First Favorite Give-A-Way is....


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I first learned about the Road ID a few years ago... This Christmas Jeremy & I both got one from the Armstrong's. I don't run without mine, ever. It gives my husband a piece of mind when I am out running on my own that if anything was to ever happen to me that someone could contact him immediately. It is a good idea for anyone out running by themselves or just out & about alone to wear one. I will even tend to wear it when Jeremy is on the road just because I feel better with it on my wrist. 

I want to encourage you to get out there TODAY & start moving whether that means you walk, walk/jog, or go for a run. The point is to GET MOVING! :-) I wanted this to be my first give-a-way because I wanted it to be something that was key to my everyday running. Some days I go without my shakes, forget to take vitamins, & I might not use every piece of equipment everyday, but this is one thing I do not walk out the door without. 

In order to win the RoadID you must leave a comment on today's post telling me a goal you are setting out to reach & how you plan to achieve it! Please include which color of band you would like... You can choose from the following: Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, or Black! This will enter you in the drawing to win your own RoadID. Also, if you go follow my blog you will be entered twice! Set some goals & get moving! I can't wait to hear your goals!!!

Come back tomorrow to see if you are the winner & I will email you to get you your RoadID  :)

Get motivated today, it's Monday!


  1. Well...partially thanks to your inspiration, I started the P90X workout system four days ago. I've also resolved to eat healthier. My goal is to lose 30-35 pounds by the end of the program (August).

  2. Good morning Sarah!! I hope you had a good weekend! I wish I could fly out there and go running with you! :) I am working on setting new goals for myself right now. My physical goal is to get to my second big weight loss goal by the end of august. That will be 2.5 pounds a week, but I know I can do it. I am going to keep up the running and going to the gym as well as continuing to make better food choices. If I had a road id, which would be fantastic, I would order a black one. Love you girl!! Thank you for sharing with all of us through your blog!

  3. My goal is to run a 10k! I will achieve it by doing my 10 week training which I am currently 5 weeks into. Then I will have to keep up with my running until October (when the race is so that my husband can be there to cheer me on!)If I won a Road ID, I would want a black one too :) Thank you for being such a great encouragement Sarah!

  4. My goal is to run the Tulsa Run in October. I want to lose weight while doing it...goal:15 lbs!