Monday, June 20, 2011

Making Adjustments.

Wish it was that easy.

I am pretty good about sticking with a workout program. I enjoy taking my marker to my calendar & feeling the accomplishment as I check off each day. You can call me weird or obsessed but it brings such a gratifying feeling to know I accomplished a task I set out to do daily. Although, I am pretty good about doing this there are still those days where I struggle to get it done & sometimes its simply out of my control. It's called: life.

A few days ago I had a sick little boy with a tummy ache. When your baby boy needs you everything else goes to the back burner & that means my cross training day did not happen. I started to beat myself up about it then looked at the little boy curled up on my lap & realized just how much more important he was at that specific moment. It's called: motherhood. 

Today my day seemed to get away from me. Jeremy pitched an early game & Jace's naps were off from him being drained from being sick. We spent the day working on Father's Day stuff with friends & running just seemed like the last thing I needed to worry about, however, I kept reminding myself I HAD to get out there tonight. Well, we got out there but I had to stick to only 4 miles instead of my original 5 because we lost daylight. I simply ran Monday's scheduled run & Monday I will run my 5 miles. It's called: adjusting.

Sometimes there will be the days you simply can't control, however, as my husband says, "it's not about the result but how you respond to it" This is so true. So I say, "It's not about my circumstances but how I respond to them. How can I make the most of it?" I might have to make adjustments but that doesn't mean if I miss one day I have to give up completely. I simply roll with the punches & get it done.... whatever it takes. Don't beat yourself up about having to make adjustments in your schedule. Jesus wants us to be flexible for Him & that could even mean our workout schedules get adjusted. 

I hope to always put my family first & keep my life balanced: God, Family, Health.

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Adjust to your day & keep going!