Monday, June 27, 2011

Mix it up.

All you can do is all you can do. 

I can be my biggest critic. Thankfully, I have a husband that puts things in to perspective for me. After listening to a conference call about cross training & feeling convicted to put more effort into it my attitude changed after a text I got from Jeremy. 

Yesterday, we were suppose to be at the field by 6:45 to take pictures with Jeremy. Somehow the day got away from me & let's just say I was running late. I was so looking forward to getting good pictures of us with Jeremy. I texted him to let him know we were running late but will be there as soon as we can. Jeremy simply texted me back: All you can do is all you can do (w/a smiley face). I am so glad we have each other to hold accountable & that he doesn't let me get too dramatic.

As I was driving to the field I started to think about what he said to me. We use that quote a lot & really believe in it. We know we can't do everything but we can do something. We  are only one person, one family, but we are one person, one family that can do all we can do to make a difference. I started to realize that I can't control what I have done in the past for cross training but I can only control what I do from now on. Today I choose to make more of an effort in my cross training days. I use to take my cross training days lightly... not anymore. I have goals I am working to reach & the cross training days play a huge factor into my preparation. 

I am excited to start using my pass to the pool to swim laps (I use to love swimming in college), get my Asylum dvds, & to put more of my own knowledge along with my husbands into practice on my cross training days. 

My Goal: to run the full marathon in 3:50 but today I want to change my goal. I want to run the full marathon in 3:45. Yes, 3:45. Why not??

All I can do is all I can do & today I will choose to do ALL I can do to reach my goals!
I choose not to worry about what is out of my control. Isn't it great to know we have the opportunity to CHOOSE??

What are you doing today to reach your goals? Don't dwell on yesterday just do what you need to do today & keep pressing on!

Today's Tip: On your cross training days be sure to mix it up. Try not to do the same thing over & over. In order for your body to change you need to have muscle confusion. Go do something out of the ordinary. Not only will you have a good cross training workout but it will be fun to get out of your comfort zone! 

Not only am I going to mix up my workouts but I am mixing up my playlists on my Ipod. Gets me pumped up & excited to hear new music... sometimes listening to the same thing over & over gets old. Today I listened to my husband's playlist & surprisingly enjoyed every minute of it!

*Click here to listen to the call I joined in on yesterday & hear how my friend qualified for the Boston Marathon. She talks about what a huge impact her cross training made in her race. Her part starts around minute 24. So inspiring.

Today's Run: 3 on, 2 off (3x) 4 miles means 3 minutes race pace, 2 minutes below 5K pace then repeat 3 times.... see here

Mix it up this week! Happy Monday!

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