Thursday, June 2, 2011

My little trainer.

my little trainer.

See circuit workout here.

Today's workout was right here in our living room floor with my little buddy. We started out with some great pump you up music then we ended it with some Veggie Tales... let's just say I had to be flexible yet focused. When you become a mother who wants to promote health & fitness in your family you do whatever it takes... today I did just that. It wasn't easy & instead of catching my breath for a split second between exercises I was picking up sippy cups & singing to Jace. Maybe that's why he is such a good little trainer? He doesn't believe in resting... at all. He also doesn't believe in stretching because it kept taking away from him setting in my lap. He thinks when I sit on the floor that means its Jace time (usually does). Overall, it was a great sweat for 45 minutes of non-stop working out & chasing Jace. 
Today I am thankful for my health & for motherhood. It's a rewarding combo. 

Get your family involved in your workouts!

Today's tip: You should eat a good source of protein & carbs within 45 min of your workout to repair muscle tissue. Protein shakes are a great idea! Email me for more information on what protein shake to drink! 

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