Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday: Treadmill.

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Back to the good ole treadmill today! If I could choose I would have 60 degree (some say that is still too warm) weather every morning to run, however, it doesn't work that way. Schedules & weather tend to get in the way & you just do what you gotta do. Today I got on the treamill. We picked up Jeremy from the airport pretty early this morning.... early enough I had to wake Jace up so I went for a late morning run inside. It was already 100 degrees here by 10:00!! Crazy I know. Overall, it was a great workout!

At what point is it the hardest not to stop in a run? I get this question a lot. I think if it's a 4 mile run then the 2nd mile is the hardest. It is the point where you have to push through before it begins to seem downhill in the run. Once I get past that 2nd mile I feel pretty good & by the last mile I am up to a good pace & feeling accomplished. Where do you struggle in your runs? How do you overcome them? I would love to hear!

Saturday's food of the week:
 Spaghetti is popular on the Hefner's weekly menu. We have it at least once a week. The trick to eating a healthier family spaghetti night is to use lean ground turkey instead of beef & to use whole wheat pasta... add a little oregano to your sauce and..voila! :) Just remember: the less legs the meat has the better. think about it!

*Come back tomorrow to read about my dear friend Jill's ministry, how you can get involved, & hear her new training schedule! Excited to share her success with you! 

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Get to eating smarter this weekend!

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