Friday, June 3, 2011

Bonus post: Running Shoes.

 Running shoes: Just how important are they?

I believe your shoes play a huge role in your training. Not everyone can wear the same type of shoe. I have had good & bad experiences with my running shoes. For the longest time I went for the cutest, cheapest, most reasonable shoe... not anymore. Once I began really investing a lot of time into working out & running I decided it was time to take a few extra minutes & possibly spend a few extra dollars to find the right shoe. (mine ended up being cheaper!) I couldn't have done the half marathon without these shoes! They made a huge difference in my training & performance the day of the race (especially in the rain!).

I am partnered up with a company called Mind Body Sole: a FANTASTIC shoe store! If you go to Mind Body Sole they will take time to make sure you have the BEST experience in finding the shoe for you! 

If you decide to go get some new shoes at Mind, Body, Sole PLEASE use my name as your referral: Hefner Fitness, Sarah Hefner :) 

Click here to see their facebook page! They are located in the Woodland Hills Mall- Tulsa, Ok (look online for other locations)

Favorite things update: I will be giving away my first favorite thing, Monday June 6th! Be sure to come back to see what you could win! 

Today's EXTRA tip: While grocery shopping stay clear of the inner aisle's! The fresh & clean foods are on the outside aisles of the grocery store. Think about it :) Dairy, Produce, etc. Plan your grocery list before you go! I'm headed there this morning! Good luck!

Get to shopping!

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