Friday, June 10, 2011

My Motivation-My Why.

My Motivation-My Why: My family.

What gets me up willingly in the morning to run? -my boys.
What motivates me to eat broccoli & carrots? -my boys.
What makes me choose water over diet coke 95% of the time? -my boys.
What makes me want to run just a little bit harder or to conquer that crazy hill? -my boys.
What gets me excited about walks to the grocery store instead of driving? -my boys.
You ask what keeps me focused, energized, & determined? -my boys.

My little family & their cheerful, accountable, smiling faces are what keeps me going every single day. They are what makes me want to be a more Godly, healthy, selfless woman. I couldn't do it without them!

My question is for you... what motivates you? What is your why? What keeps you going when you want to back out? 
Would love to hear! Comment on todays post & tell me your WHY.

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Today's tip: Go to this map to plan your next run! It's a great resource! Remember! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Plan your run/workout the night before so you have NO excuses to get it done!

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Get out there today & go for it! What's stopping you?

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