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Sharing Success: Jill Schimdt

The Schmidt's 

Today I want to share with you about one of my best friends: Jill Schmidt. Over the past few years Jill & I have become close friends through our husband's careers in baseball but I know with or without baseball we will always be friends. I love her passion to help young girls & her love for her family. After having two boys she has lost all her baby weight plus some & is now setting high goals for herself! I am so proud of her! Please read the following to learn how you can be apart of her passion & to see what goals she has set out to do! 

1.  What has motivated you to start running?
After the birth of my second son, Drake, I lost most of my weight just by a strict diet and the physical activity that comes along with a new baby and a toddler in the house.  I realized that even though I had lost the weight, I was not in shape at all.  When we got to Arizona for my husband's physical therapy I knew this was the perfect time for me to take advantage of the situation and the weather and do something about it.

2.  What are you currently training for?
I am training for a 10k run.  I could run 2 miles when I started this...barely, and it near killed me. But even still, I could do it, so I wanted something that would challenge me and that I could complete the training during our time here in Arizona. 

*Note: Jill texted me yesterday saying she completed her first ever 3 mile run! You go girl!

3.  How has staying fit as a mommy affected you in other areas of your life?
I always want to set an example for my kids.  I hope that they can see me working hard for something and learn that they need to work hard to achieve their goals in life.  Something that I did not expect out of this has been what a great opportunity running has given me to spend some quiet time with the Lord.  I turn on my music and spend most of my running time just in prayer or an attitude of worship.  It has also been fun to be on the other side of the fence in my marriage.  I am always the one cheering on Nick and now he is the one cheering me on! I am so thankful to have a husband who is such a great encourager and who knows how to very kindly hold me accountable. He also never forgets to tell me how proud he is of me for putting my mind to something and actually doing it.

4.  What is one piece of advice you would give other mommies who are wanting to get fit?
You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your kids.  There is nothing more rewarding than being able to run with my kids, play with them, keep up with them, and not feel like I'm going to pass out afterwards.  Those are the precious memories they will remember for a lifetime and set as a standard for themselves as parents one day.

5.  Now that we have learned about your personal fitness, can you tell us about the ministry you are involved in? What is it called?

The ministry I am involved in is called Loving Choices.  It is a crisis pregnancy centeroffering free and confidential pregnancy testing, STD testing, ultrasound, adoption counseling, post abortion counseling, and an "Earn While You Learn" center, which is where I help out.  It is called the CARE center.  The girls get to come in for a weekly appointment where they can get prenatal education, parenting education, Bible studies, life skills, money management, and really anything they want to talk about.

6.  What got you into volunteering at Loving Choices Pregnancy Center?
I started volunteering here because Nick and I went through an unplanned pregnancy our sophomore year of college. We were not married, we were 20 years old and scared out of our minds.  We considered abortion thinking there was no other way out for us.  He was expected to be drafted the next year and I was on the University pom squad.  We wrestled with different emotions for several weeks before I finally decided that I could not go through with the abortion and that I was going to keep the baby. The pregnancy was very difficult for me. I had never felt more ashamed of myself or more alone. After Mason was born I wanted to offer my support and my experience to other girls who were feeling the same way that I had and to show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel...and most importantly, that this is not God punishing them, it is a gift.

7.  Can you share an experience from Loving Choices that stands out to you?
There are so many but I always try and thoroughly explain to the girls how hard the first few weeks are going to be.  With Mason, I felt like I had no idea how little sleep I was going to get, how hard breastfeeding was going to be, and how crazy my emotions would run.  I do not want these girls to be unaware and then come back after they deliver and be totally frantic.  BUT-the good Lord never ceases to amaze me! More than half of the time when I ask the girls if it has been easier or harder than they expected they say EASIER! Just proof that God will not give them more than they can handle, and awesome that they can come out on the other side feeling accomplished at being a mother.

8.  What are some ways others can help this cause?
There are several ways to get involved.  First and foremost, prayer.  We also have several yearly fundraisers. The next one we have coming up is the Annual LifeWalk for Loving Choices.  This will be my third year participating! It is a two mile walk raising awareness and funds for Loving Choices.  You can  also visit for more info on the center.

9.  When is the LifeWalk and where can others go to support you?

The LifeWalk will be June 11th at the Arvest Ballpark.  If you would like to make a donation, you can go to my fundraising page to sponsor me in the walk! and click on donate! Thank you so much and God Bless!

Today's tip: Instead of getting in your car to go to the grocery store load your kiddos up for a nice walk! It's a good way to get your family involved & to save on gas! Win, win!


Get to moving this week! 

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