Monday, June 20, 2011

Going Solo.

Going solo.

For the past 8 days I have been pushing Jace (who weighs almost 25 pounds) in his jogging stroller during each of my runs because my husband has been gone on a road trip. I have to say that it's much harder pushing him but I enjoy being active with my son. He keeps me moving & motivates me not to stop throughout the run. He yells "woooow" throughout the run & it causes me to run with a smile on my face. He holds me accountable without even trying. I love that little booger so much. 

This evening my sweet friend Molly kept Jace so I could run my 5 miles solo. I was shocked with my results. I have been trying to stay semi mellow with my pace but today I seemed to take off without my hand on a stroller. Once I figured out my pace I was set. I felt like the energy I had been putting into pushing Jace I was able to put in into my stride. It was encouraging to look down at my watch & be excited with the results. 

I owe my strength training these past 8 days to my son, Jace. Thank you little mister for pushing your momma to get stronger. You are such a great little buddy!

Don't let your kids be your excuse to not get out there! They hold you accountable in more ways than one! Instead, make it a time to bond!

Random Thought: I have noticed people in Arizona do not run against traffic. It blows my mind & honestly makes me a little nervous for them too. Always run against the traffic, especially if you run with your ipod.

Today's Tip: If you are taking your kids out for a run with you be sure to pack these items: Juice, Ipod, & keys (he likes to play w/my keys). Jace can't go without them! ha!

See my solo run here. Excited to have more of those this week while Jeremy is home :) Happy to have my husband back too!!

Get your little crew moving! If you don't have one then just get moving! :)

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