Sunday, August 14, 2011

Water Challenge Give-A-Way!

Water Challenge Give-A-Way:

Brita Water Bottle w/Filter


Shakeology Workout DVDS: 2 workouts!!!!

How has your Water Challenge been going?? Who completed this challenge? 
How has it affected your workouts? 

I have noticed the days I struggle with drinking water I am much more tired & honestly just feel BLAH. Water has made a huge difference in the way I feel & definitely gives me more energy! Ever since we started this challenge together I have noticed my body craving it especially if I haven't gotten enough in for the day! 

Share with me by commenting below about how your challenge went & you could win 
my water challenge give-a-way! 

Today's Tip: Have a hard time getting the water down? Motivate yourself by getting a new water bottle & know exactly how many times you need to fill it up in order to reach your daily goal.... then go for it!!

I will post the winner on tomorrow's blog post! 
Come back to see if you are the winner!

*Winner of the Shakeology DVD & Shakeology Sample is.... Our Blessed Life
Email your address :)

Stay hydrated today!


  1. I want to win!! I gave up pop about 4 years ago and never knew how much difference it would make. It's huge! I still struggle with drinking my daily quantity though. Your bottle would help. Yay for H2O!!!

  2. I have been drinking 3 liters of water since the beginning of July and will never go back! I fel so much better on my runs! :) love the brita bottle!

  3. I am always drinking water but never enough to really do my body good. I started drinking about 90 oz a day by filling up my 32 oz water bottle up 3 times in a day. The reason for this is because in June when I noticed that the temperatures were going to be so high I didn't want to experience the heat exhaustion like I did several years ago while at our church's children's camp. Since that bout of heat exhaustion my body temperature has been out of wack but I have been drinking so much water I feel so much more energized and feel great during and after my workouts. I also feel like drinking so much water helped me to withstand the extreme heat temperatures this summer and I have been out in the heat ALOT this summer (Falls Creek, Camp Lela, yard work, lake, jogging at track, etc. and have done great. So with this I have been telling my kids constantly to drink, drink, drink lots of water. I am super exctied about how much more energized I am and at how I am able to work out longer and am just amazed at how well I feel. =-)