Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to get out of a "funk"


So how do we really get out of a "funk"?

I have to admit that I, too, get in what you could call a funk. I think almost everyone could tell you that they have those days when they lack motivation & then it trickles into the rest of their week. This morning I was suppose to get up early AM & go swim with Crissy. I was pumped about getting a good cardio swim in this week, however, my sweet little boy is cutting some major teeth. He ran a fever all last night & some today. This momma is exhausted. Yesterday I missed my run & today I missed swimming. I am planning now to run this evening before my day gets away from me. If I don't get moving soon I am afraid this "funk" is going to carry into the rest of my week.... I sure don't want to make this a habit. 

What's the cure for this funk? Motivation. The quote above says it perfectly. Motivation is the first step & making it a habit is what keeps you from allowing these "funks" if you wish, to keep you from your goals. 

How do I get motivated? There are a few things I do to stay or to get motivated. Call them cheesy if you wish but they work!

1. Music. I have a playlist with my favorite songs on there & when I need a good pick me up I will turn off everything else & turn up the music! 

2. Make a to-do list. Maybe you just don't know where to start. I feel like this often. Making a to-do list will help you prioritize & give you no excuse to get moving. Plan your day or whatever is left of your day.

3. Re-writing your goals! Go find that piece of paper that you wrote your goals down on 30 days ago. Reflect on where you are at in your progress, re-write them, & post them where you can see them! It's never too late! I promise!

4. Find someone that will lift you up. Call/text/email/fb message them & ask for encouragement. Everyone needs it at some point or another so don't be afraid to ask for some! I know when I get down I always text my husband... he always has something positive to point out to me!

5. Most importantly, open God's word. Most bibles have a place in the back where you can look for passages on certain topics. Find a word that represents what you are looking for & ask God to reveal himself to you. He is our ultimate encourager & I promise without a doubt this works. 

6. Play with my son. He watches everything I do & when I stop to realize how much he needs me... that motivates me.

7. Find a picture of your "old self" & put it on your fridge or bathroom mirror! Get it out to where you can see it so that you are reminded that is ONLY the old you & not the NEW you! :)
These are just ways that help me get motivated to get moving throughout my day & it doesn't mean they work for everyone. Trial & error is the best way to know what works best for you! Once you are aware of what really gets you motivated you can catch yourself before you get into that "funk" & make staying active a HABIT!

Today's Tip: Feel like you are just way to busy to get your full workout in today? How many of us spend at least an hour a day on facebook? Here is how you can do both! I thought this was funny and useful! Click here to read the full article on the Facebook Diet!

Don't fall into a funk this week! Stay motivated!


  1. I was in a major funk last week. It seemed like unexpected "life" things just kept getting in the way of every workout and run and by the end of the week I was ready to give up. Making a to-do list works for me too. In addition to my already set yearly goals I will set a short term goal to meet within a day or 2. Also, find a challenge online. I can't resist a challenge!

  2. Short term goals are definitely just as important as long term goals! Without the short terms goals we can lack motivation to shoot for the long ones! Also, rewarding ourselves is important! Keeps you going:) Thanks for your input!! Hope this next week is better for both of us!