Monday, October 31, 2011

Are you missing the main ingredient?


I wrote about the weight loss recipe this summer & I wanted to touch on the main ingredient: Eating. 80% of weight loss comes from what you eat! 

This weekend as I was preparing my mom's birthday cupcakes something all of a sudden hit me. I kept having to run to the store around the corner from our house because I kept missing ingredients. Once I got home and unloaded everything I realized I was missing eggs... One of the main ingredients. I got back in my car and headed to the store. I couldn't fix these amazing cupcakes without the eggs. I started to think about how we are like that with our health. We all seem to think we can get a "quick fix" & be healthy, thin, etc without having to eat right. This is SO not the case. It's not about a "quick fix" but more so a lifestyle change... Eating healthy is a main ingredient for this lifestyle change.

I'm sorry to break the news but if we want to be at a healthy weight then we must eat healthy... no way around it. I've seen so many people work out really hard and totally forget about the main ingredient. This can cause frustration in your weight loss journey. Also, eating right doesn't mean a quick fix. If you go for the quick fix you might lose weight in the beginning but what happens when you stop whatever you're doing? I really want to encourage everyone to start making healthy menus. *This doesn't mean you can't enjoy those cupcakes or never have what you enjoy.... simply implement the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eat CLEAN. Be SMART. 20% enjoy your favorite drink or food. It's that simple. 

The best way to keep track of the 80/20 rule is to get a calendar & a highlighter. Highlight everyday you make SMART choices. The days that are your 20% leave them blank. After a month's time go back and reflect on your month. Compare your percentages with your results & see what changes need to be made... then make them! Don't deprive yourself of the things you enjoy and don't deprive yourself of your health either! 

It's called: balanced lifestyle.

I know that we all have temptations in our life but the first step to overcoming them is to DECIDE to make a change. If you are struggling with weight loss & feel as if you are working out really hard maybe you should look at your diet...What changes can be made? Are you eating too much? Not enough? Too much fast food? What is it that you can change in your diet this month? Tomorrow is the 1st and let's all get off to a great start! I am determined to make this my best month! Are you in?

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Make SMART choices today!

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