Thursday, October 27, 2011



During the past 6 years of my husband's professional baseball career we have learned to completely trust in God's plan for our life. We have had ups and downs, financial detours, and a lot of praying. We never know where we are going to be the next 6 months, who will cross our path, or what God will throw our direction. The one thing we do know is that no matter what happens we have to have complete trust in our God that he will provide everything that we will need & we are to be thankful along the way.

I remember writing my goals down for the first time and thinking I was crazy. They seemed so out of reach for me... I felt as if I wasn't capable of such things. Then, I was reminded that these goals were things God had laid on my heart. If He has laid them on my heart then all I have to do is have the faith to step out & go for it, right? Easier said than done. There are days when our goals seem so scary & not even worth shooting for... I mean, how could I of all people reach my goals that are way beyond my ability? What makes me so special? Nothing really. The answer is completely faith and complete dependency on our God. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. (Phil 4:13)

My husband has been a huge example to me in this area of life. Each & every year he keeps plugging away at his baseball career, making things happen, & never ever giving up... there are days it would just be so much easier to throw in the towel and quit. God didn't give us this opportunity to quit... I believe he gave my husband this opportunity to have to completely rely on Him to reach his goals. This goes for all of us... what goals have you set? Are you selling yourself short because you are afraid to step out in faith and rely completely on God?

I know there are days when I get discouraged, am afraid, tired, etc. Those are the moments we are to get on our knees and pray. Ask God to take complete control, get up, be thankful, and get going. Don't let Satan hold you back from the things God has called you to do. He is below our feet and shall stay there!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined!
-Henry Thoreau

Go after the things God has called you to do today with complete confidence in a God who will provide each little detail along the way!

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