Monday, October 17, 2011



Yesterday I did say tomorrow and I did just that! 

It has been so hard to get up and going lately... I have just been plain tired. It feels like my body has said to SLOW DOWN! I did just that this past week without completely stopping and this week I feel so much better! Who's ready to conquer this week with me?!

What is your body telling you this week? Is it saying to take it easy or push a little harder? After my week of easing up I feel fully prepared to press on this week! 

I have approximately 6 weeks left until my marathon. YIKES! I am tackling each week & continuing to plug away. I cannot wait to cross that finish line on December 4th. This week is an important week in my training and I am ready to conquer! Are you? Whats holding you back?

Let's take charge of our week TODAY & not let it slip by without giving it our best!

Today's Tip:  80% of weight loss is nutrition. Eat smart this week.

Press on this week! Phil 3:14

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