Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Call me crazy but this weather has energized me to get up and GO! Why not? 

I think so many times we underestimate our potential. When I say that God has big plans for you I mean it! He really does! He cares so much about your life and the direction you are headed in every area of life.... all of it. I think I am just now starting to truly understand this in my life. I have been told this over & over again but something inside of me has clicked. Just do it! 

If God lays something on your heart or you have a passion you are wanting to pursue- JUST DO IT! What's holding you back? My guess would be that you are the only one stopping you from going after what God has called you to do. 

I am just full of energy today & honestly not real sure where its came from... my passion and drive has arrived. I am ready to tackle my daily to-do lists, things NOT on my to-do lists, and am prepared to be open to whatever God brings into my day. I want everyday to be like today. How about you? 

Today's Tip: Before bed each night take time to write down your top 6 things you need to get done the next day, sleep, wake up, and go get it done. 
*Don't forget to have down time to be available for what God might bring into your day. There is a point where you can be too busy and be too busy for Gods plans. Keep it balanced but don't hold back! 

Find what motivates you to get going and do it. For me, fall weather has been so motivating and refreshing! I also need to be fed physically & spiritually: a good run & quiet time being fed by God's word. I am determined to go after my goals. Are you? The first step is believing you are worth it & that you are capable. 


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