Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankfulness Day 1: My husband.

I am so thankful for the man in my life.

Jeremy has been my rock for the past almost 6 years. He has been my motivator, encourager, friend, listener, & the one person who just gets me. He has taken on this journey with me every single day while loving me no matter how bad my hair looks, how moody I can get, or how silly I can act sometimes. He truly loves me for me. 

I am so thankful that he is the father to our son. It melts my heart to see him love, laugh, teach, encourage, & discipline our son. I know someday Jace will be able to say these same things about his daddy. Right now Jace just thinks Daddy is pretty much rocks! (I agree).

Jeremy also inspires me to continue to seek after God every single day. He amazes me more & more everyday. 

I am thankful for the one person I get to wake up to almost every night.  

Thanks Jeremy for loving me through the good & bad. I LOVE YOU!

What are you thankful for today?

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