Monday, September 26, 2011

Overcoming obstacles!


Obstacles.... boy have I had obstacles the past few weeks! This moving and adjusting thing created a lot more than I had imagined, however, we dug right in & got through them. There are still things to be unpacked, running that hadn't happened, & to-do lists undone, however, we finally healthy & living together as a family again. We are so grateful for the help of friends & family during our adjusting months of the year & for allowing us to stay in their homes, eat their food, and watch our son. 

We might have obstacles to overcome in each of our lives.... actually I know for a fact we all will have them, but it's how you handle them that really matters. How am I going to overcome the obstacles of the past few weeks? I am getting my health back in order & I am getting organized. Super organized. In order to reach any goal you must have a plan. It is KEY.

What am I organizing? Well,.... everything! ha! Ok, not really.... I am organizing my day down to the hour & making the most out of my days. I am organizing our meals... We have planned out each meal for the week & will continue to each weekend. What else am I organizing? My quiet time in His word. My family time. Free time open to serve. My running schedule. As much as possible.... 

Where can you get more organized? What are some obstacles you face today that are holding you back from your goals? How are you reacting to them? Don't let your circumstances control your attitude.

I am focused and ready... are you?

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