Thursday, September 22, 2011

The cleanse... again!

Let's just say I am in love with this stuff... literally. It is fantastic!

I did the cleanse again after all of our traveling and it was quite the experience! I had ups and downs throughout the 3-days, however, overall was MUCH NEEDED. 

Day 1: I was TIRED. This time around my body really needed the cleanse and I could definitely feel it once I started.... I felt worthless. I stuck with it because I knew the results I would have once it was over: weightloss, energy, regularity, etc.

Day 2: I still felt a little sluggish but starting to see the end of the tunnel. I never felt hungry, however, I was looking forward to "chewing" my salad for dinner. It was a pretty good day to say the least!

Day 3: I so badly wanted my oatmeal for breakfast but knew the last day was KEY. I enjoyed mixing up my shakes & really started to get my energy back! I wasn't craving the sweets like I had the first day.... I felt HEALTHY. 

Results: I lost a total of 3 pounds during this cleanse! It was tough bc we aren't fully into a routine back home yet, although, it felt good to have support around me this time! I am so excited to start cooking in our new (rent) house! I couldn't wait to put all my kitchen things in order and ready to fill up the cabinets! I will post more about this later this weekend!

If you would like to try the Shakeology cleanse please sign up as one of my customers (free) here & I will be in contact with you asap. This is a great way for me to keep in touch with you & protect your information safely.

Cost of cleanse: $60 (includes: 9 packets & shaker cup)
I will also email you the nutrition guideline for the 3 days.

Today's tip: The food in your fridge should be frequently replaced because it should be fresh & not have a very long shelf life (no preservatives). This will insure to keep your family eating clean & keep it organized! 

Make a choice to transform your lifestyle! Start with a cleanse!

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