Thursday, September 15, 2011



It feels so good to be home, however, along with coming home means a lot of adjusting. You see, during the summer months (aka: baseball season) we are somewhat secluded from family & the busyness back home. Every six months we adjust to the new lifestyle in front of us until the next six months rolls around to start all over again... it's a process. I have a hard time adjusting more than I probably show.. As I have mentioned before: I love routine. Therefore, when my routines change it takes a few days... ok, maybe weeks to really get situated. This adjusting has taken place this past week & still working on the new time zone.... oh, and work :)

Nevertheless, I love being here with friends & family. I love staying busy with my little family. I enjoy going to church where you are loved by your church family, going to cousins football games, seeing my clients on a daily basis, & most of all just simply being together.... being somewhat normal... whatever normal is... 

I promise to be back on a regular basis & post tips, success', etc. but until then I want to soak up this time of being together as a family & letting our new routine soak in a little bit... 

What is it that you need to adjust in your life? It might not be the place you call home for the next 6 months but maybe it's a habit you want to change.... maybe it's your attitude? Make an adjustment today & do it with a willing heart. Trust me, I know from experience that if you don't let circumstances control your mood you will be much more willing to adjust & what I call a "healthy happy" about making those not so fun adjustments. You can do it. I believe in you!

Today's tip: Speak a positive affirmation even when you don't feel like being positive... it will change your perspective!

Enjoy where you are today!

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